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Web Development is finally cool

I’ve been working in web development as a developer since 1998.  Many developers work at companies with large buildings with many offices, and teams are often moved around for logistic purposes. And a curious trend is happening: developers tend to end up in nice shiny offices, whereas other departments – like Administration and Finance – […]

Collecting Business Cards, The Digital Way

Do you like exchanging business cards, but don’t know how to efficiently organize the information they contain? Applications like CamCard and CardMunch make exchanging business cards easy by taking the information from the card and adding it directly into your smartphone. CardMunch for iOS devices   How would you like to attend a networking event […]

iPhone 5 VS iPhone 4

Progress is always developing. Old models are displaced by new technologies. New models are improved, they have new possibilities. Comparing iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 we will better understand development of progress. Advantages of iPhone 5 in comparison with iPhone 4: The iPhone 5 is more comfortable in using. It is thinner than iPhone 4(9.3 mm […]

What can CT5K and Community teach us about the web?

Image by Brian Cribb via Flickr – I looked a lot like this when I was running, really! The CT5K Recently a young family friend went to the hospital because of heart issues.  Not totally uncommon among American society today – but alarming, none the less.  Shortly after I caught a Facebook update which said […]

Should Your IT Department Support the IPhone

Image via Wikipedia Here is a post I found last week but didn’t get to it until this morning…this is a great post.  It is from cio.com – “Should Your IT Department Support the IPhone” When the iPhone was first launched in June 2007, it was generally panned by IT managers and systems administrators. It […]

Apps trump hardware – by Fred Wilson

Image via CrunchBase Fred Wilson is  a cool VC in New York who I have been following and enjoying his comments and stories.  This is a great one – he basically explains how he solves his remotes issues with a iPhone Touch. Of course, for this to work you’ll need to have a $200 iTouch […]

iPhone apps go HTML5?

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr There are some good points here: Lately I’ve noticed that some developers are avoiding building apps and, instead, are building custom web pages that are designed specifically for the iPhone. And in a post I did back in November. Also – these are cross-platform.  Which will definitely come into […]

Plugin: WPtap

Mobile is the new hot hot hot.  Everyone is looking at your site on a handheld of some sort. WPtap-Mobile Themes At WPtap, we offer comprehensive mobile theme solutions for your WordPress website. Tailored to iPhone’s design specs and Safari browser, WPtap makes your WordPress website looks amazing on an iPhone and loads lightening fast, […]

iPhone webapps to kick the AppStore habit

Image via Wikipedia I love my iPhone.  I hate the AppStore. I have not built my own iPhone app – partially because I haven’t found something I couldn;t already buy.  But partly because it seems complicated.  That’s probably why I don’t build desktop apps.  I came across a post by John Gruber called “iPhone Web […]

The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You: The Art of iPhoneography – MultimediaShooter

This is a cool little post – and I can tell you, since my iPhone, I have taken more photos and videos than ever. The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You: The Art of iPhoneography – MultimediaShooter.

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