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The new divide: Walled v. open

Image via Wikipedia I have not been paying a lot of attention to Jeff Jarvis lately – but his recent post hit home.  Maybe it was the friendly objection via a co-workers tweet to my re-tweet, but either way – this is a good read. Here are a few of the better quotes IMO: The […]

The TenXFactor: He who owns the Data Wins

Image by semanticwebcompany via Flickr The TenXFactor: He who owns the Data Wins. This is a great blog post which backs up what Jason and I have been trying to get across at our company – The Gazette.  Please – some read this and decide that it is true, great post. CONTENT IS STILL KING. […]

Free-mium can work

Today’s Thought: Free-mium can work | The Journalism Iconoclast. If you do have a really cool free-mium site, do you think it is possible to make subscriptions work for WAY-cool-premium?

DigiDave | Communication is Key

DigiDave | Communication is Key: Collaboration is Queen….. DigiDave does it again.  I really like Dave’s articles, but this one really hit home.  He brings up some brilliant points. Scoops have the half-life of a link. Do what you do best and link to the rest No website is an island. The best things happen […]

The AP are idiots! "Locking Up the News Sites"

For Subscribers Only: Locking Up the News Sites – BusinessWeek. These guys cannot be serious.  I mean really – stick you stinkin’ head out of the sand for 3 seconds and realize that the year 2000 is done and it didn’t work. The company I work for (Gazette Communications) tried this is 2000 and, I […]

How to Save Your Newspaper? Geeze!

How to Save Your Newspaper – TIME. When will these guys figure out it is not about the cost of the subscription…it the dea of a subscription.

Notes from #RJI Talkfest

Jason and I headed down to Mizzou on Tuesday evening to make it for the RJI Talkfest.  (You can review the live blog here.) I really enjoyed this seminar…which, coming from a web geek was in limited numbers.  With working in the media industry, it was very good for me to hear what the journalist […]

newer media

Image via Wikipedia I have worked in and around media for all but a few years since a part-time radio job in 1992.  “Back then” traditional media had the bull by the horns and managed news and information and how it flowed to it “customers”. Then came the late 90’s.  THe internet was young and […]

Can journalism live without ads?

Caught an interesting post at PJNet: Beneath the somber tales of shrinking revenues and staff cuts is an even more somber reality about the news business: The nearly two-century-old marriage between consumer advertising and journalism is on the rocks. Good stuff…

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