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The new divide: Walled v. open

Image via Wikipedia I have not been paying a lot of attention to Jeff Jarvis lately – but his recent post hit home.  Maybe it was the friendly objection via a co-workers tweet to my re-tweet, but either way – this is a good read. Here are a few of the better quotes IMO: The […]

The TenXFactor: He who owns the Data Wins

Image by semanticwebcompany via Flickr The TenXFactor: He who owns the Data Wins. This is a great blog post which backs up what Jason and I have been trying to get across at our company – The Gazette.  Please – some read this and decide that it is true, great post. CONTENT IS STILL KING. […]

Free-mium can work

Today’s Thought: Free-mium can work | The Journalism Iconoclast. If you do have a really cool free-mium site, do you think it is possible to make subscriptions work for WAY-cool-premium?

DigiDave | Communication is Key

DigiDave | Communication is Key: Collaboration is Queen….. DigiDave does it again.  I really like Dave’s articles, but this one really hit home.  He brings up some brilliant points. Scoops have the half-life of a link. Do what you do best and link to the rest No website is an island. The best things happen […]

The AP are idiots! "Locking Up the News Sites"

For Subscribers Only: Locking Up the News Sites – BusinessWeek. These guys cannot be serious.  I mean really – stick you stinkin’ head out of the sand for 3 seconds and realize that the year 2000 is done and it didn’t work. The company I work for (Gazette Communications) tried this is 2000 and, I […]

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