JW Player not working? Try Wistia for great Video SEO

The company I work for have been expanding its reach for a while trying very hard to do some great things with video and video seo – to improve user experience via quality product videos.  We tried to do the right things – we have a number of products some cargo control, some radiant barrier insulation and other sites you can find here.

JW Player

Our goal was to create high quality video which help people use our products.  We found what we thought was going to be a good solution with jwplayer – but we couldn’t get past the errors.  It worked OK when it was working – but we had so many issues.

Wistia to the resuce

So we needed something better.  We needed a tool we could use that wouldn’t steal our traffic away from us like YouTube and help us with the ever difficult task of video SEO.  That is when I found a great video solution called Wistia.

Wistia’s solution is fantastic.  It allows you to upload and store videos on their site (like many sites do).  They also allow you to setup a custom video domain – which is really important in video SEO.   After you get them uploaded it will also allow you to embed your videos on other pages.  They will allow you to do that in a number of ways – but the best one is SEO friendly, that’s the one we  like!

You pick a “home base” for your video – which becomes the canonical URL for the video.  They show you how to add a special site map to your robots.txt file which will serve as the guide to your videos.  This is key and the reason I believe it works so well.

As a bonus – they have a great bag of video analytics as well.  These are very , very nice to see on screen and it can do it with a group of videos.

The Video SEO Results

The proof is really in the rankings – if you look at this video for load bar holders – you can see the google results here.

Google results for load bar holder

Notice the green url in the Google results…yes, thanks again Wistia.  That is what proper video SEO can do.  This is good.  If you would like to see more info – check out Wistia’s video SEO information.


It has been nothing but smooth sailing since we converted from jwplayer to Wistia.  We have seen a lot of positive search traffic from getting the video SEO in order.

If you are looking for more traffic – I would highly recommend taking a look video SEO.  It is well worth the time it takes to do a little research and get the game on.

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JW Player Error – not working

One of things you have to do when you have a blog is take a look at what people are looking for when they come to your site – for about the last 8 months that has been JW Player and JW Player errors.  If you want to look at thos – go to this jw player error post, or this post about jw player error 2036.

Common Issues

  • Cannot see jw player on the page
    Possible Fix:  Almost always a problem with the javascript – generally the SWFObject will fail then too.Check for javascript errors and resolve those first – errors with or before the jw player embed can stop the video player too.
  • JW Player error #2048 or error #2032
    Possible Fix:  Error 2048 is generally an annoying Windows error. Usually caused by outdated/corrupt files.  Error 2032 is uaually a problem with the playlist.  Sometimes the location and sometimes that the playlist is located at a different domain.
  • JW Player shows – but the video does not play
    Possible Fix:  Most likey the video will not play because of security restrictions – videos must be on the same domain or use a playlist.  Flash will often have too many security issues will block playlists.  If you are using a YouTube video – make sure you are on JW Player version 5.6 and up…otherwise you’ll have issues.

Lets have a conversation on how to fix JW Player errors

There is nothing more frustrating than an error that keep reoccurring.  That seems to be what is happening with JW Player.

What I would like to do is have this post serve as a place to figure out:

  1. What problems people are having?
  2. What have people done to fix it?
  3. Ideas for moving forward…

Please use this form or the comments below:


JW Player doesn’t play youtube video – fix for Error #2036

I have a love/hate relationship with JW Player.  When its working, it is great. But its those nagging issues which drive me completly nuts.

We were trying to get a single youtube video to show on one of our moving strap pages.  The xml playlist section was working fine, but were having trouble getting a single youtube video to play.  It would consistently give me the “Error #2036”.

The solution was as easy as downloading the new version of jwplayer.  As soon as I upgraded – the error went away.  (It appears they were having an issue with that very action.)

The good news is this is fixed.  Good luck – if you have more issues, please contact me and I will try my best to help.

JW Player is not working or slow loading

We’ve been moving from externally hosting videos with YouTube to self-hosting them with the killer little video player called “jw player“.  I just could figure it out, JW player was not working, it appeared to be slow loading.

I was converting one of our landing pages (see it here – it is for our tow straps page) to use the new player when I ran into an issue with Chrome.  The video was working fine with Firefox – but chrome would spin and spin, then eventually choke out.  Another symptom was Chrome would crash the shock-wave plugin.  All bad news.

I finally found this post over at the jw player site – it turns out if you include the jwplayer.js file more than once – it will cause this issue in chrome.  That is exactly what I had done.

Bad code monkey.

My particular issue came because I was using a “tag” in a program called Netsuite.

Tags is kind of like a variable – I had already included the code in a different variable and then I re-included it.
So – if you find yourself where JW Player is not working or slow loading was hanging up or causing an error on chrome – see how many times you included the javascript file.