Do’s And Don’ts Of Social Media For Small Business

As competition continues to get fierce in the business landscape, social media comes to the rescue of those business owners who are desperately seeking means to float their boat. If on the one hand, social media has the potential to turn any business into a money-making machine, on the other hand, there are certain dos […]

How Social Media Transforms A Business Into A Money-Making Machine

In the recent economic meltdown, social media has become synonymous with success. While many consider it a passing fad, social media’s end is nowhere in sight. In fact, experts are of the opinion that, if anything, social media’s potential is only going to increase in the years to come. It is now crucial for a […]

The Essential Rules Of Social Media and Online Marketing

When you create social media accounts, you open new venues for interaction with your target customers. At the same time, you also open your doors for detractors, irate customers, and critics. So you see, as much as social media can help boost PR for SMEs, it can also give you a lot of headache. Here […]

5 Ways Your Business Can Be Making More Money

You have a business and you’re making more money, so that means you’re one of the lucky few. You have wandered out into the world without anything and built yourself a mini-empire that brings in enough riches to feed your family. You’re reading this because you’re not completely happy. You have a fire in your […]

Content Marketing Techniques For Online Success

Content marketing is not only necessary, it is crucial. But, what is content marketing and why is it so important? There are many names for content marketing. Some of them are corporate publishing, branded media, customer publishing, etc. The best name however, is content marketing. Content marketing is a marketing technique. It involves creating and […]

Using the 4 P’s of Marketing Mix Advertising to Boost Conversion Rates

During the Middle Ages, more of the general public understood numbers and pictures than those who could read the words on storefront signs, much less the things printed on the page of a newspaper. Entrepreneurs began using images when advertising cobbler or tailoring services, or even for specific items like hats or food staples. These […]

It’s now or never to kick up local advertising…

As the flood waters of change roll into the mid-west from the coasts – the effects are also rolling in.  We’ve been hearing the “rumblings” of niche and local advertising opportunities increasing as web analytics and target marketing become more sophisticated – and here is one really good example. The lightning bolt I logged into […]