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Can you say IPTV?

IPTV (Internet Protocol TeleVision) is starting to creep its way on the web. We’re starting to see more and more TV shows pop-up as their own little mini-stations – plus the whole miro and joost thing. TV Shows via the Internet I was looking at Mashable this morning and saw a banner ad for The […]

How would Google compete with Google?

This is a great article on Jeff Jarvis’s site about WWGD (what would google do) if they were competing against itself. So how should we compete with Google or at least challenge its monopoly? Openness. I’ve argued for sometime that we need an open-source ad infrastructure. If the rest of the world other than Google […]

2008 – The Year of the Web Election?

I’m not sure how much of the jockeying you’ve been following – but there has been an interesting topic I have been following with Republican candidate Ron Paul. If you look at Paul’s number back in July from a USA Today/Gallup poll: Neither former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore nor Rep. Ron Paul registered any support. […]

"Networked Journalism" and Pulling Together Data

Jeff Jarvis is just hitting on all cylinders all the time! His post today nails a point I know we’ve been talking about at the company I work for around the idea of “networked journalism” and building data repositories in a easy to use manner. “Among the tools for networked journalism I’m wishing for is […]

Who wants to own content?

I found an interesting blog post by Jeff Jarvis from Aug. of 2005 this morning called “Who wants to own content?” (If you’re not familiar with Jeff, he writes a blog called Buzz Machine which focuses on media and news) In this model, newspapers have a problem: They want to control information and the means […]

Interesting way to post a video

I’m not sure I have seen this before – but it caught my eye. Link to video – this video is from an arrest video – but the interesting thing to note is below the video in the related links section they have a link to the raw video. I like that – it lends […]

So – can we do this on KCRG too?

So You Tube released over video ads this week. So when we will these hit the small screen? I figured it out last night while watching “Last Comic Standing” – when I witnessed no less than 249 ads for the new “Bionic Woman”. Seriously, do you think we could be looking at these ‘over’ ads […]

OK – could this take local TV out of the picture

So, I’m not sure if I have shared my love for the Tom Green Show yet. And this is not the old MTV Tom Green or the Jay Leno thing – but the internet show…or as Tom calls it the “Nation Web-o-vision” show. He is doing some really innovative stuff – right from his living […]

You can't get there from here – Why mainstream media is way up a creek…

Jason K sent me this link the other day – “You can’t get there from here – Why mainstream media is way up a creek…” Jason was asking if I thought he should share it with the newsroom – thinking it may freak them out or whatever…and my first reaction was “send it to them”, […]

Yes, bam, ka-pow…

“What if every local television station turned into an Internet-MSO—a web-based cable company?” “Think about it. Who do you turn to when you need the very best local news, weather and sports information? Is it YouTube? Nope. Is it MSN? Nope. Is it your local broadcaster? Yep. People with names you know, the anchors and […]

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