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5 Ways Skype VoIP Benefits Small Business, Solopreneurs And Freelancers

Freelancers, solopreneurs, and microbusiness owners would benefit from having a business number through Skype. The popularity of the application has grown for several reasons, and with Microsoft’s recent acquisition of the company, we see a lot of possibility for Skype’s future. As a solopreneur, here are five reasons you should consider Skype to meet your […]

New Windows Smartphone Includes Built-in PowerPoint Projector

Image via Wikipedia I have always loved Volkswagens.  Maybe it was because my dad worked on them for 40 years.  But they remind me a lot of Microsoft.  Everytime you are about to give up and throw in the towel for them – they come out with something so cool…you cannot help yourself. Now they […]

Semantic Wishlist for 2009 from ReadWriteWeb

Image via CrunchBase All I have to say is yes, yes and yes. Microsoft makes a very bold play with Powerset technology Semantic Web advertising Semantic apps for managing your finances Semantic apps for health industry A Personalized Memetracker Related articles by Zemanta Did Google Just Expose Semantic Data in Search Results? SearchWiki, Internet Search […]

WordPress, Drupal & Django = Apple, Microsoft and Linux

Image via Wikipedia So I’m driving to work last Thursday and it comes to be.  WordPress, Drupal and Django relate to the three OS’s we all come to know and love. WordPress = Apple Think about it.  It is the prettiest of all the platforms.  It makes the hard thing a bit of a no […]

Olympics, NBC and Silverlight

Image by Saffanna via Flickr I read this post from the “The Herald Tribune” the “Global Edition of the New York Times”, the post was titled “Microsoft leveraging Silverlight and riling critics” and it really about made me puke. The were criticizing Microsoft for the closed solution: But there’s a catch. To view the video, […]

Moblie Me v. Live Mesh

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been called a Microsoft fanboy more times than I care to admit.  And – I’ll have to say…it’s true to an extent.  Now – I’m not ALL Microsoft – ALL the time, but I lean that way. I do have respect for the other stuff and as I continue to futher […]

Sliverlight + Mesh = Silvermesh?

Image via Wikipedia I’m not exactly sure what Microsoft has cooked up with Mesh yet. In fact, I have not even had time to work on testing silverlight yet…but I want to – now with Mesh…it just gets harder to keep up. Here’s a few links I have so far: Untangling the Microsoft mesh – […]

Micro-hoo – It's Yahoo, hot-hot-hot – BrowserPlus

Image via Wikipedia I’ve been following the whole Microsoft/Yahoo thing along with everyone and have really kept my opinions to myself – but when I saw this post over at Ajaxia – “Yahoo! BrowserPlus: The rumour is true” Awhile back I heard a rumour that Yahoo! had a “Gears-like” project that was cancelled. I thought […]

Microsoft Sings a New Tune—Wants to Play Nice With Open-Source

Wow – with an interesting twist of events – Microsoft wants to play open source. In a series of moves announced today aimed at making its products more interoperable with other software and the Web in general, Microsoft is releasing 30,000 pages of documentation for Windows (both desktop and server products) that were previously available […]

Why Microsoft+Yahoo Won’t Fly.

This is a very well written article that explores some insight others may not have: Here’s a case where I think everyone else has got it wrong. The media seems to be positioning Microsoft‘s hostile takeover of Yahoo as an admission on the part of Microsoft that they’ve lost their competitive edge. And Google, clearly […]

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