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If you lack content on your site – this is a good way to leverage Google News to add freshness.

Google aggregates news from over 4500 news sources, updated continously. The results can be retrieved as a number of RSS feeds, where you can create your own specific feed by specifying one of more than 40 regions/languages, and an optional topic ranging from Domestic to Most Popular to Entertainment.

Can journalism live without ads?

Caught an interesting post at PJNet:

Beneath the somber tales of shrinking revenues and staff cuts is an even more somber reality about the news business: The nearly two-century-old marriage between consumer advertising and journalism is on the rocks.

Good stuff…

The original aggregator – Matt Drudge?

ReadWriteWeb posted a story “How Much Is Being The Most Influential Man in News Worth?“:

Who is the most influential man in American news? It’s not Brian Williams or Bill O’Reilly or Keith Olbermann or Larry King. It’s not Seymour Hersh or Charlie Savage or Frank Rich or Robert Novak. No, arguably the most influential man in American news is Matt Drudge. So how much is that worth?

Its interesting to see where others have taken The Drudge concept.