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New job is great – but the ying to the media companies yang

Its kind of funny – I worked at the Gazette for 7 of the last 11 years.  All I did was complain how slow things moved.  I was like – “Hey, lets launch the newspaper site today” taunting them to say yes, but knowing they never would. Fast-forward to now, I received an email today that said […]

The million dollar idea

It’s funny, the newspaper I work for is trying hard – but spinning its tires a lot.  We’ve gone from build a “super blog” network, to atomizing all content into a distribution engine to looking for the “million dollar idea”.  It’s crazy, but it is possible to make a million with a blog. Here is […]

The new divide: Walled v. open

Image via Wikipedia I have not been paying a lot of attention to Jeff Jarvis lately – but his recent post hit home.  Maybe it was the friendly objection via a co-workers tweet to my re-tweet, but either way – this is a good read. Here are a few of the better quotes IMO: The […]

Charging for Hulu? Newspapers better watch this one.

Image via CrunchBase After all the buzz around the ‘net about Hulu and charging for content in 2010 – this may be the show newspapers are waiting for. The big question, of course, will it stick.  Hulu has some very impressive numbers going into 2010.  But what will that look like if they put up […]

AT&T – big, bad and high tech

Image via CrunchBase After reading my CEO’s blog today – it made me think about my “call” with AT&T on Saturday.  I’ve recently signed up for an iPhone from AT&T. Onto the story – I took a motorcycle ride on Saturday to meet a friend’s son for lunch.  When we arrived at the restaurant, I […]

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