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2 Big Myths that are Killing Newspapers

From a post I found over at SimsBlog with some really good thoughts: …is how journalists “spent nearly a century denying responsibility and involvement in business decisions”. … The result of this siloed newsroom is that a large chunk of the organization has no real understanding of how the business works. That is a very […]

Why paywalls won't help most big newspapers

Image by Joriel “Joz” Jimenez via Flickr The paywall discussion is in full force at my job (Gazette Communications) and my buddy and I were discussing the idea of adding a paywall to our electronic edition yesterday at lunch.  Funny – as the exact same thing we were talking about was pointed to in this […]

i = Future Of Newspapers = Think, Know, Understand, and Feel – /Message

Interesting concept: The paper’s team worked with media consultancy Innovation to come up with a new way to organise the product. “Our feeling was,” said Figueiredo, who came on board at an early stage, moving from Diário Económico, “that people were not concerned about traditional sections any more. i = Future Of Newspapers = Think, […]

The future of journalism in Seattle, part 1 | Reclaim the Media

The future of journalism in Seattle, part 1 | Reclaim the Media. Brings up some good points.

Media – use the megaphone before its too late

One of my favorite ideas of our CEO Chuck Peters is the idea that “old-media” is like a megaphone.   We  broadcast a message in a one-way fashion rain the news down to all within earshot.  I like that analogy. But I guess I’m thinking that we better starting using the thing to engage some people […]

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