Wow…no more muscles, because they cannout figure out 45 MPG?

(I should preface this by saying I’m a huge car/motorcycle guy. And even more so – a VW fanboy)

Autoblog green posted an article called “Corvette’s chief engineer: CAFE will make muscle cars an “endangered species” talks of an end to muscle cars because of recent legislation from the US Government.

GM, the parent company of Corvette, would have to make a 45 MPG car, explains Tadge, to offset supercars.

The comment reads to me like 45 MPG is some over-the-top “magic” number. Have they heard of Volkswagen’s Passat? (Here is a 2005 “Test Drive” report.) This car gets 30 city/45 highway…this is no Honda Insight, this is a REAL 5 passenger car with a trunk.

We’ve got to quit thinking about what we can’t do and more about what do we need to do. Flip back to their post from a October 27th, 2007 – 1959 Licoln Diesel.