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BuddyPress WordPress chat

Image via CrunchBase Buddypress Ajax Chat is a full featured chat built specifically for Buddypress, based on AJAX chat. This is the Premium version of BuddyPress Ajax Chat meaning that there will be NO advertisements built into the chat once you tell us your domain name.

Tricky page navigation solution

WordPress is so good at so many things, but page navigation is not one of them.  I think it is because WordPress is a platform and page navigation is a bridge between design and development. In steps this code from wphacks called “Page Sensitive Multi-Level Navigation” The mission was to display sub-pages of the current […]

Familiar with WordPress, but don’t want the overhead?

Try BackPress.  It’s a lot like WordPress – but less, or more?  :) BackPress is a PHP library of core functionality for web applications. It grew out of the immensely popular WordPress project, and is also the core of the bbPress and GlotPress sister-projects.

WordPress coding tips and tricks – part 2

Yea – the last one 30 minutes ago was good too…but I found this too and it has some seriously good nuggets of code: 2. Showing Related Posts Without A Plugin Tom: We are currently using a plugin to do this on GazetteOnline.  But I always wonder if it would be faster without it? 7. […]

WordPress coding tips and tricks

Using WordPress on gazetteonline, we have learned some tips and tricks.  This post from web design ledger shows some more – a couple are trumped by WordPress 2.9, but they are still hot, hot, hot. Customize the Logo of Your WordPress Login Page TIP: Great for that custom look to your install. Detecting Mobile Devices […]

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