Forums 2.0?

Source: WikipediaI love forums – and really they have been around forever. (Pre-internet is forever you know.) But I am really frustrated that there has been very little innovation in the area. Why s that?

Do they (forums) really not matter anymore? It seems like they were one of the first conversations to happen on the web. They pre-date IM and basically allow a “real-time” chat. (Its really close to realtime, you would refresh for new comments.)

I wonder if forums will evolve – or will they become obsolete via other technology. Wiki’s are great, but they don’t offer the conversation forums do. Twitter has the real time feel and conversation, but it is hard to archive and search the good information later.

So what is next? I’m not sure – although I’m not going to make it to the Web 2.0 conference in San Fran this year – I’m hoping to send the challenge along with a friend to pop it into a birds-of-feather session.

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