Identifying The Money: Affiliate Marketing Keywords

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No matter how great your affiliate marketing website looks or how interesting the content is, if you don’t pay sufficient attention to keywords, you may jeopardize how much visitor traffic you get to your site. Here’s all you need to know about identifying the most profitable affiliate marketing keywords in your business. Why are affiliate marketing keywords important? In a nutshell, keywords … Read More

tomIdentifying The Money: Affiliate Marketing Keywords

Still In The Dark On SEO – guide for Small Business SEO

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To many articles out there assume that the reader is well versed in SEO. However, did you know according to the PEW research & Static Brain, that over 60% of small businesses do not have a website? Staggering. So with that said, lets look at some of the fundamentals in small business SEO and how to project manage them. If … Read More

internStill In The Dark On SEO – guide for Small Business SEO

Trade Tricks That Will Benefit Your Small Business SEO For The Long Term

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Over recent months, the changes that have been rolled out across most of the world’s biggest search engines have been huge – Google of course leading the pack with Hummingbird. Each of the changes implemented has of course taken its toll on some sites and businesses while others will have barely noticed any difference at all. As far as SEO … Read More

internTrade Tricks That Will Benefit Your Small Business SEO For The Long Term

Automated Blog Commenting – Stop it, Stop it Now

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Are you a blog owner? Do you comment on blogs of people belonging to your niche? Do you understand the importance of meaningful comments? Do you require backlinks to your blog or website? Do you use automated programs for blog commenting in order to get backlinks?  Shame on you! If yes, then read this article further. This article will enlighten … Read More

tomAutomated Blog Commenting – Stop it, Stop it Now

Cloud Marketing Characteristics And Benefits

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An internet cloud is more concrete than it sounds. In terms of marketing, it has various aspects you can use and manipulate to suit your business needs. The following cloud and marketing characteristics will familiarize you with the cloud so that you can optimize your marketing strategies. Cloud Terminology In order to understand how marketing works within the cloud, a … Read More

tomCloud Marketing Characteristics And Benefits