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The Truth About Directory Listings

Lawyers and directories seem to go together like macaroni and cheese, or at least they used to. Recently, directories seem to have faded from the Internet, especially after Google deleted their very own directory site. Nonetheless, several directories have survived, and for many lawyers it can be appealing to get their name listed on another […]

Copywriting After Google Panda Stuck Its Paw In

Google Panda has changed everything. Following its release in February 2011, search engine optimization experts are now reconsidering their strategies. If you’re a digital marketing graduate or aspiring copywriter who isn’t aware of how Google has changed its search engine algorithm, the following guide may prove invaluable as more and more companies move away from traditional SEO tools in […]

ClickStop Wires – Building a mini Data API for ecommerce

What to do when you need more versatile data from your web application – but they are just not keeping up with modern web development? Where I work (US Cargo Control – a division of ClickStop) we use an all-in-one system called Netsuite.  I’m not very happy with it, but my job is web development…and that is the […]

The Organic Search Benefits to Social Media {Infographic}

Social media activity may help improve your general popularity, but can it also help with your placement on search engine giant Google? A study and infographic by search engine marketing company TastyPlacement suggests that such activity can boost your Google rankings and give benefits to social media campains. TastyPlacement’s research involved a study of six […]

Making your page a good match for the query

When it comes to search engine optimization, one of the most important stages is the first one: choosing which keywords to target. If you get this wrong, you can spend months on a fruitless and frustrating SEO campaign. If you get it right, you can be on the receiving end of a flood of traffic, which can easily turn […]

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