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SEO Test: Google doesn’t care about Keywords in the Meta Description

This is a follow-up on my buddy Dave’s post a few days ago: “Do Keywords in the Meta Description Count as Keywords” He tossed out a test which checked to see if keywords in the meta description were a good, helpful thing…it turns out, then are not.  Worthless in fact. Here is what he did […]

Do Keywords in the Meta Description Count as Keywords

Creating my own SEO curriculum for the purpose of training employees is a major pain in the ass. So, I’m reading through an “SEO training manual” to see if I’ll be able to use it to train people. Unfortunately, as so often happens in the SEO world, the material is plagued by unverified, unproven and just […]

SEO Test: Does Google look at more than the H1 tag?

UPDATE: 2012/07/10 Check it out below.   Well – here we are again, we have a new test to look at. This time we are looking at the effects of strict HTML on the way Google measures a page. The essential question of does Google look at more than the H1 tag when analyzing a […]

SEO Test: Does keyword position matter to Google?

It came up again today at work (Clickstop) where we had a SEO discussion about different SEO Tests, this time it was the idea of “Does keyword position matter to Google?”.  Basically – does it really matter what position on the page your keyword shows up? Here’s the idea: Assumptions: Same keyword for each page […]

SEO Test: Google Penguin, how does it work?

UPDATED 5/14 – SEE BELOW We’re interested in seo, seo tests and all the changes to the search results in engines like Bing and Google.  One of the latest is called Penguin and it has caused quite a stir.  We like SEO tests – so we thought we’d SEO Test Google Penguin. My buddy Dave […]

SEO Test: Amazon is testing a new design – Usability or SEO?

UPDATE: Here is an article from the Sept. 5th LA Times,  looks like they have been working on it for a while.  This is the first time I’ve seen the new look.  Maybe they are officially rolling it out now? More updates from last fall:  Amazon forums, NextWeb, Gerasini’s Posterous is seeing it Is anyone else seeing […]

SEO Test: Do same IP links have equal link juice in Google results?

UPDATE: 2012-07-11 We have some results…it appears that same IP address links are under the watch of the Big G and we need to be careful – here is the results page showing that Destination 2 was ranking the highest, then Dest 3 followed by Destination 1, which had two links from the same IP pointing back […]

SEO Test: Do subdomains have more link juice than regular domains?

We try to test out SEO concepts from time to time, if you want to get an email when we do…sign up here. Notify me of future SEO Tests   Another SEO Test for you…this time we are trying to determine, do subdomains have more link juice than regular domains?  This is a great question […]

SEO Test: Does Google pass PageRank to a URL in a comment?

I have seen a trend with some of the WordPress plugin developers…they add a commented link to their site in the header of the plugin.  Sometimes they only do it on the pages their plugin is active…sometimes on all pages.  So it made me wonder – does Google give any merit to these thinks…my SEO marketing […]

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