Title Character Count – FAQ

The title tag is an HTML tag which is located in <HEAD> section of the HTML page.

Title Tag Example:

  <title>This is the example of the title tag...</title>

Title Tag Best Practices:

Officially – 70 characters or less.  Why?  Because of SEO.  It comes down to 70 characters because it is “essentially” what Google uses and has become an for an unwritten  standard for SEO types.

Example from Google of a tile tag.

Example from Google of a tile tag.

Title Tags Do’s:

  • Do make sure your keyword is in the title tag.  This is important…do not miss this step, ultimately important for SEO.
  • Keyword position – some will argue it must be at the from of the title, we feel you do what works.  One thing that works is SEO Mofo’s SERP tool – check it out and put the keyword where is works best.

What does it do?

Outside of the essential HTML tags, the title tag is the key tag in a webpage.  From the SEO perspective, it is the most important HTML tag.  You will find the <title> tag appear in two places:

Example of a title tag on the browser tab.

Example of a title tag on the browser tab.

  • Browser:
    Title Tags show up in both the top of a browsers chrome and in applicable tabs.
  • Search Result Pages:
    Title tags also show up in search engine results.
  • Note:
    Sometimes other websites will index or “store” websites title tags.  These sites may be involved in SEO or archiving, and they may also use the content between the title tags.
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Common SEO mistakes to avoid

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Pros And Cons Of Adopting Business SEO Techniques

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular and effective internet marketing techniques that is used by  webmasters. The reason for its increasing popularity is due to its capability of showing effective results and driving considerable traffic towards a website. However, to achieve success with SEO it requires a lot of effort as well as time; nothing is achieved instantly. Many marketers who lack proper the information might feel unsatisfied with the slow results that they receive. It is very important to have thorough knowledge and efficient skills in order to get the desired results. If you are looking for solutions to effectively utilize the SEO techniques then you can contact the experts of Digital marketing solutions who can guide you through the process.

English: White hat seo symbolizes good ethic t...

English: White hat seo symbolizes good ethic techniques in search engine marketing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pros of using Business SEO techniques:

There are numerous advantages that a marketer gets by implementing the search engine optimization techniques to their website. Some of the major advantages are listed below:

  • Improved ranking:
    Implementing SEO techniques is the best way to get a good and higher ranking on the search engine results in a genuine and correct manner without being considered a spammer.
  • Greater brand awareness:
    As the ranking improves and you get listed on the top, more and more visitors click through your website and you gain greater brand awareness for your company.
  • Increased  traffic:
    Research shows that 80 percent of visitors click on organic results providing opportunities to increase the website traffic
  • Cost-effective process:
    Another important advantage   of using SEO techniques is that you need not pay any amount to the search engine in order to get listed on the search engines. Therefore it reduces a great amount of costs when compared to paid listings.
  • Targeted Audience:
    Since you target specific keywords, visitors will visit your website only when they are looking for specific information regarding your products and services offered or related content.

Cons of Business SEO techniques:

There are also some disadvantages that are associated with SEO techniques such as:

  • Black hat SEO technique:
    Though by using black hat SEO techniques the website can gain faster results when compared to the white hat techniques, the drawback is that if it is proven that the website is implementing Black hat SEO the website will be spammed or even deleted from the search engine results.
  • Algorithm changing:
    The major challenge that site owners might face is that search engine indexes the position of the website based on constantly changing algorithms that are not published earlier. Therefore making your website pages available might require specialist knowledge and constant monitoring.


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