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Search engine friendly website headers

Search engine optimization is a big thing when it comes to building websites. If you have any strong hopes for building a good flow of traffic to your site search engines are without a doubt one of the best options available to you, unless of course you have an awful lot of money to spend. […]

5 SEO things to avoid

While SEO providers look at page optimization as a science, it is in fact a sort of website promotion. Processing websites is both an art and a science. People who are able to grasp this idea and implement it are aware of the wonders it does. Those who are not aware of this can surely […]

Building Blog Traffic – 4 Basic SEO Tips

When I talk to fellow bloggers about onpage optimization, they’re usually aware of the importance of keywords and page titles. Of course, simply being aware of the how-to doesn’t necessarily equate to doing it efficiently, and so we tend to see keyword-stuffed articles with bolded headers and too long page titles. There’s a tendency amongst […]

Building websites to maximize search engine optimization

When your looking to build your website, yes it’s important that it’s attractive and appeals to the eye, but unless you construct it wisely, it is unlikely ever to rank highly in the search engine result pages, or more commonly known as the SERPs. There are two main areas to focus on when trying to […]

What is search engine optimization

Search engine optimization or more commonly known as SEO is a procedure undertaken which aims to improve a website’s appeal to the search engines. It is a process which involves a lot of tasks. Search engine optimization is essentially the process of optimizing a website or web application so that it can rank better in […]