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So What Does SEO Expert Services Mean, Anyway?

Would you desire an expert or novice when seeking a service? The answer is pretty obvious. However, a name is just a name to a degree…unless someone acquires some sort of certified degree, like a medical doctor. SEO expert services are not particularly ‘doctors’ of the industry, there is no official regulation. However, plenty of […]

5 Tips on How to Create an Effective Title Tag

Title tags are pretty much one of the most important SEO strategies there are. Out of the list of two hundred factored into the search engine algorithms, SEO experts and professionals will tell you time and time again that the title tag always comes out on top. Not only is it your first and probably […]

Content, Schmontent; Does Google really mean it?

Much has been written about Google’s Panda and Penguin updates so I won’t spend time exploring how the game has been changing for SEO’s. The bottom line is that the pendulum appears to be swinging back to the early days of SEO where quality on-site content and optimization have become more relevant to achieving top rankings. If you’re […]

SEO Bad Habits to Avoid

SEO is a term that yields no fewer than 938 million results in Google – the mind melts to think of the levels of optimisation that must be needed to appear at the top of that list and beat Wikipedia! The staggering number of SEO advice sites, consultants and agencies can be daunting for companies […]

Do Keywords in the Meta Description Count as Keywords

Creating my own SEO curriculum for the purpose of training employees is a major pain in the ass. So, I’m reading through an “SEO training manual” to see if I’ll be able to use it to train people. Unfortunately, as so often happens in the SEO world, the material is plagued by unverified, unproven and just […]

11 SEO Tools Apps to Ease Your SEO Grind

SEO is now a very large marketing tool used by companies and individuals alike to spread the word across the net about their business. Whether you use iOS or Android, there are several SEO Tools apps to ease your SEO tasks. Here are 11 SEO Tools apps to get you started. Google Analytics: With this […]

Increasing traffic to your web site using link building strategies

Among the different internet tools and techniques available to drive more traffic to your business web site, Link building has proven to be extremely effective in driving traffic to your web site and eventually getting more customers. If you have been looking for some proven link building strategies or tips then the information provided here would […]

Using Anchors As A Link Building Tool On Ecommerce Sites

  Cash for clunkers! Not all niches are created equal when it comes time for a link building tool. Sometimes you’re working with a clunker. In my world, I seem to end up with more clunkers than potential rock star clients, so you end up thinking outside the box to figure out any way to […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

If you have a website or if you’re involved in marketing, you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is very important to the success and visibility of your website, but some people are unaware of what it is and how it works. What is SEO? SEO is a marketing tactic used to […]

Watch Out – Some SEO Blunders You Can Make For Your Website

In the Know: Search Engine Optimization Search engine optimization is the practice of making web pages that will be placed high in the results page of a search engine such as Google. In order to achieve a high ranking, web developers and admins use various tools and techniques in optimizing their website. Getting a high […]

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