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Web Development is finally cool

I’ve been working in web development as a developer since 1998.  Many developers work at companies with large buildings with many offices, and teams are often moved around for logistic purposes. And a curious trend is happening: developers tend to end up in nice shiny offices, whereas other departments – like Administration and Finance – […]

How To Maximize Your Profits From Facebook

If you are doing Internet marketing, and you want to succeed, social media should be part of your overall plans. We are not just discussing advertising on social media sites by purchasing ads. For your business to succeed, you need to have profiles and pages. Publishing regularly on these pages needs to be done – […]

How To Ethically Get Twitter Followers Fast

Twitter is the venue for micro blogging. It is where people across the globe are connected to each other. The term “followers” refer to your friends who keep track on every posted info, thoughts, or blogs. There are several bloggers who use twitter to enhance their traffic. This article provides emphasis on how to get […]

Here is a Great Way to Engage the Facebook Fans that Matter

What can you do to get your fans more involved on your Facebook fan page? Plenty, to begin with you can ask a simple question along the lines of the subject matter on the page. If you have a band, you can ask what their favorite song is. Another approach is to inquire about what […]

How to Direct Social Networking Links to Your Website

Everyone wants to promote their site, generate more traffic and get social networking links. The basic goal of the search engine optimization is to promote your website to generate a flow of traffic. It’s quite difficult, for some web-masters, to decide whether or not spending their time on promoting their site’s content on top social […]

Google Plus Photo Sharing; 4 Reasons to Look Beyond Facebook

It was bound to happen eventually. Google has been trying to develop a viable Facebook alternative for years now, and it looks as though they may have managed it. First Google Wave and then Google Buzz launched then faltered, but the recent introduction of Google Plus might provide Facebook users with an actual choice. From […]

BPWP Twire (twitter/wire)

Image via Wikipedia The more I learn about BuddyPress the more I like it.  One very cool feature is the wire – its a Twitter-like app.  This plugin allowsyoue wire and Twitter feed to intermingle…in a good way. Twire is a BuddyPress plug-in that makes it easy to post to Twitter directly from the member […]

5 Essential Traits for Community Managers

5 Essential Traits for Community Managers. Somedays I think it would be very cool to be a “community manaager”.  Other days – not so much. Community manager is the new it position in social media. To establish hardcore communities of evangelists around your brand, you need to have one. However, what makes up a successful […]

Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

Top 10 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs. The big buzz word at my work these days is “we have to think more like entrepreneurs” – so here you go! Let me know if you know if you’ve used any of these successfully.

Seth's Blog: Personal branding in the age of Google

Seth’s Blog: Personal branding in the age of Google. Woah…so I guess my questions is, isn’t it better to know?  Would we ever hire anyone if we knew everything?

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