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#iahsfb, tweets and the “news”

My previous job to Clickstop was in “the media”.  At Source Media group in the web department team – to be exact.  Back in those days I used to have what may be referred to as “spirited discussions” with colleagues about social media and twitter and the like. Its funny how some people still have […]

How to Direct Social Networking Links to Your Website

Everyone wants to promote their site, generate more traffic and get social networking links. The basic goal of the search engine optimization is to promote your website to generate a flow of traffic. It’s quite difficult, for some web-masters, to decide whether or not spending their time on promoting their site’s content on top social […]

Businesses Can Use Twitter to Predict Sales

Not sure if I’d call it new – but I guess mainstream either way. There’s a new tool that can help companies predict sales for the coming weeks, or decide whether to increase inventories or put items on sale in certain stores. Businesses Can Use Twitter to Predict Sales – WSJ.com. Related articles by Zemanta […]

Twitter Strategy 102

Twitter for Ministry Strategy 102 – ChurchCrunch. This is a great post about the basics (ok, maybe one step more than basic)of Twitter.  Don’t forget #7: To Do #7 – Have Fun

Notes from #RJI Talkfest

Jason and I headed down to Mizzou on Tuesday evening to make it for the RJI Talkfest.  (You can review the live blog here.) I really enjoyed this seminar…which, coming from a web geek was in limited numbers.  With working in the media industry, it was very good for me to hear what the journalist […]

Forcing Community

I get so frustrated with the corporate world when the NBT (next best thing) hits their radar.  So what’s the latest and greatest NBT – “Community” and “Social Networking”.  If you look poll these at the key words at indeed (job search/metrics site) – we find “social networking” and community are on the rise. So, […]

What type of social networker are you?

I found an interesting post over at SocialMediaToday about “6 types of social networking user” An extensive social networking research project commissioned by MySpace has identified a host of emerging trends and tribes that the website says have previously gone undetected by the mainstream.

Privacy in the Age of UGC

There are so many posts about how young people give away too much information about themselves with social networking and user generated content sites. The amount of data collected by services like Facebook and MySpace is immense. At no point in history has so much personal information and content been aggregated and shared in the […]

Hacking Politics

Wired magazine posted this article “Web 2.0 Project Taps ‘Wisdom of the Crowd’ to Probe Presidential Contenders” last week and although it seems to have a bit of the youtube debate flavor – it could prove to be very interesting. The web-hip “community-driven” presidential debates touted by the television networks have been a disappointment so […]

Pretty Social Networks

MySpace was THE social network that started much of the Web 2.0 social hype. This is a great quote from the mashable site “If you asked most MySpace-haters what’s their problem with the service, they’d probably say: it’s ugly. Meanwhile, people tell us they are switching from Twitter to Pownce because it’s prettier and easier […]

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