#iahsfb, tweets and the “news”

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My previous job to Clickstop was in “the media”.  At Source Media group in the web department team – to be exact.  Back in those days I used to have what may be referred to as “spirited discussions” with colleagues about social media and twitter and the like. Its funny how some people still have an aversion to Twitter.  I … Read More

tom#iahsfb, tweets and the “news”

Profanity filter for WordPress

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Image via Wikipedia We’re working on a new version of our website at work.  We currently use Intense Debate for comments – but we want to leverage Buddy Press more – so we chose to go with the built in stuff.  That being said – we need a profanity filter – I think we’ll give this one a try.

tomProfanity filter for WordPress

5 tips for better craigslist response

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My dad passed away about a year ago and he was a collector.  You’ve seem the show “Pickers”?  How about “Hoarders”?  We’re somewhere in between – unfortunately, closer to the latter.  Though this process I’ve started to become really familiar with craigslist and seen things I’ve done work and not work and thought I would share those. Here are 5 … Read More

tom5 tips for better craigslist response

Give a Presentation or have a Discussion?

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As I prepare for a couple of internal presentations I’m giving at work I stumbled across this post from Fred Wilson called “Presentations vs Discussions” A presentation is like a TV show. It’s a lean back experience. A discussion is like an online chat room. It is a lean forward experience. They are not the same thing and in many … Read More

tomGive a Presentation or have a Discussion?

AT&T – big, bad and high tech

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Image via CrunchBase After reading my CEO’s blog today – it made me think about my “call” with AT&T on Saturday.  I’ve recently signed up for an iPhone from AT&T. Onto the story – I took a motorcycle ride on Saturday to meet a friend’s son for lunch.  When we arrived at the restaurant, I checked the and had two … Read More

tomAT&T – big, bad and high tech