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4 Ways To Live Blog On WordPress

Picture this scenario: You are at the hottest conference or event of the year. While most of your readers aren’t able to attend themselves, they have all backed you as their representative of all things cool. You are there on their behalf, ready to gush over every little detail. All you want to do is […]

The 4 Best WordPress Projects To Outsource

Big thanks to WordPress for being the #1 most used and most popular content management system on the web today. Why? Because of two reasons, 1) it’s built in PHP which is by far the most extensible and customizable of all coding languages and 2) it has created a web environment that is recognized by […]

5 WordPress Plugins to Secure your Blog.

WordPress being a very popular avenue for millions of sites the world over is a target for hackers, who try and with great effort too, to access it, with the ultimate intention of using these “napped” blogs or sites to carry out illegal and malicious activities. However WordPress has always had some level of security, […]

How would you build SEO Tools – for testing a page’s SEO power?

I am very interested in SEO from a web development perspective.  I don’t feel the average (or even above average) web developers know enough to be good at it.  When I started my job at ClickStop, I thought I knew enough to “be dangerous”.  It turns out, I did – dangerous to my SEO. That […]

How to build a site for users

Its never a bad time to take a closer look at user interface and how to build a site for users.  Here are 10 things to look at over at web design ledger for you to review. When building a new website or re-designing an existing one, web designers are faced with all kinds of […]

query custom taxonomies

WordPress 3.0 has brought a whole lot of new and interesting options to the table.  You can create you very own customer post types and taxonomies to go with them. Cool – did you do it yet.  GREAT!  How do you pull them back out?  Red Letter Studio has a great post about just that. Related articles […]

admin manager – wp

There are many times when you have to hide things in the WordPress admin. This plugin is used to control WordPress admin interface. You can hide widgets administration or hide menu itens.

Google calendar plugin

Image via CrunchBase I have seen a number of calendar plugins – but the problem is, no one wants to be maintaining multiple calendars at once.  This plugin leverages Google calendars on your blog – then you can keep maintaining everything in the same place. The WordPress Google calendar plugin allows for the integration of a Google […]

wp search help

Image via Wikipedia Search is hard – and it seems like it doesn’t get a whole lot easier in WordPress. WP Engineer has a great post about search and different options of how to integrate it into your WordPress site. There are several ways to integrate search function into a theme for WordPresss, usually built […]

Semantic plugin for WordPress – wp-RDFa

I spent the better part of 2009 working on, learning about and architecting media information systems.  There are a lot of cool semantic web tools on the market.  Some are quite pricey – some are free. When I saw this plugin, it sparked my interest.  It’s called wp-RDFa and has a slug:  wp-RDFa brings the semantic […]

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