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Cell phone as your “Mothership”

This article I read on theverge.com about how Vizio and Google are reportedly building Chromecast features into TV’s got me thinking about an idea I’ve been noodling on for a while how cell phones are becoming the new wallet, but more importantly – they are really becoming the “mothership” of data for our lives. Cell Phones […]

Rebuild a TV Station on the cheap

I’ve been having some hallway discussions with our CEO Chuck Peters (or as I affectionalty refer to him as “Chucky P”).  I think it started after I was talking too much about how cheap I thought I could rebuild a TV station.  I was tossing around a number which was close to 10% of the […]

Ditch Your Cable Company With Free, Legal Alternatives

Could it be – it is possible to get rid of cable? Ditching your cable company has never been more viable than it is today. The rise of online, streaming TV shows allows you to save on one of the most expensive household bills if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of the convenience […]

More People Tuning in to TV Online

Are we surprised?  With the writer’s strike making online TV viewing about as entertaining as back-to-back-to-back episodes of “Are you Smarter than a Third Grader?” Another week, and another stat has just been released showing that people are increasingly turning to the web to consume televised entertainment. The latest from Solutions Research Group claims that […]

Study: Ads in online shows work better than ads on TV

Interesting post at arstechnica “Study: Ads in online shows work better than ads on TV“: Good news for TV networks: online ads work. As TV shows continue their lengthy migration onto the web, new research finds that the people watching those shows actually pay more attention to both advertising and content when they watch online. I know […]

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