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How to Optimize your Product Videos

YouTube today has become the most sought after and popular video sharing forum despite its lack of a coherent business model. It accounts for almost 81.9% of all the linked and embedded videos on the internet, and has over 2 billion views per day. It is interesting to note that according to the YouTube report by Sysomos.com, the […]

JW Player doesn’t play youtube video – fix for Error #2036

I have a love/hate relationship with JW Player.  When its working, it is great. But its those nagging issues which drive me completly nuts. We were trying to get a single youtube video to show on one of our moving strap pages.  The xml playlist section was working fine, but were having trouble getting a […]

JW Player is not working or slow loading

We’ve been moving from externally hosting videos with YouTube to self-hosting them with the killer little video player called “jw player“.  I just could figure it out, JW player was not working, it appeared to be slow loading. I was converting one of our landing pages (see it here – it is for our tow straps […]

YouTube Videos – Are You Getting Your Fair Share of the 2 Billion Daily Views?

When’s the last time you visited YouTube.com? Was it yesterday, two days ago or 30 min. ago? Did you know that YouTube.com gets over two billion views each day? That my friends, is a bucket full of traffic and it’s traffic that you could be tapping into. Now I know you’re probably thinking “I don’t […]

BigTen Network adds on-the-fly mashups

I am a big Iowa Hawkeye fan.  I grew up 12 miles from the stadium and have been black and gold from day one.  So when the @bigtennetwork tweeted about their mashups – I gave it a try. It took me about 10 minutes to do this video.  I think there is a bunch more […]

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