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Boost Blog Traffic By Writing Good Titles

Far too often, bloggers will either just write down the first title that comes to mind and dive into the rest of their post or slap a post on what they’ve written when they’re done. They may only think about what is in the post and try to describe it, without considering the more important […]

5 Problems On Your Site That Could Be Affecting Your Search Results

Once you build your website you start writing articles hoping to increase your search engine rankings. Everyone goes through the same thing when they start and it’s usually building as much backlinks as possible. When you have enough quality backlinks you will definitely be rewarded with great rankings, but what if they could be better […]

4 Factors That Can Kill Your Website

Many web designers regard web design as simple practice and what works best for the users will work for them. However, not all web designers think this way and often let money get in the way of their thinking. This means that they will make cloud based judgements and not do what’s best for the users. In […]

7 Ways To Improve Your Website

When it comes to improving and making the best website possible, you can feel as though there are about a million different things you should be doing. And looking around at other sites, you can let yourself down thinking yours simply can’t compete when it comes to looking good and more. But there are just […]

How to Improve Your Website to Increase Traffic and Keep Visitors Around

No matter what type of website you run, the content of the page is the most essential component. There is no denying, however, that a well-designed site that is easy to navigate is more attractive to users than a site with a poor layout and a confusing interface. The most successful – and most enticing […]

Alternatives Ways for Businesses to Use Social Media

Businesses are learning how to use social media effectively. By running online promotions on social media, it is possible to avoid the expenses of advertising promotional offers. By using incentives to generate likes, a company can reach a large number of users. There are, however, a few additional ways that businesses can use social media. […]

Understanding Unconventional Web Design

In general web design tends to follow established traditions of form and function, from the individual attempting to format their own web page through to the professional designers working on massive corporate contracts; there are a range of accepted design formats that everybody adheres to. But in the world of unconventional web design these rules […]

7 Great Graphics To Build Visitor Loyalty

If you’re in this business for the long run then you already know the importance of building a relationship with your visitors. You know you have to “give” before you “get” and you’ve concentrated on providing great content in hopes of ranking high in the SERP. Your instincts are right, you want to have a […]

touching vs hover

Image by Getty Images via @daylife When the iPad came out – it changed the game, A few days after Steve Jobs announced the release of the iPad, I read that sentence in Apple’s Reference Library: Preparing Your Web Content for iPad, and started to realize the drastic implications the evolution of multi-touch would have on […]

Media WebDev 2.0

Image by NNECAPA via Flickr Life in the media is interesting.  There are so many things to do and a great sense of urgency.  And now I think it is time for WebDev to put on it’s “full court press“. So, what is the big idea we can do that will change the game?  Results […]

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