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7 Reasons You Should Design Your Website In WordPress

WordPress has quickly become a world-renowned name for those that are looking to make an affordable and dynamic website, but many are still intimidated by creating their own site. It often seems easier to simply go with the first web designer that one finds, but WordPress offers a number of features that allow anyone to […]

4 Factors That Can Kill Your Website

Many web designers regard web design as simple practice and what works best for the users will work for them. However, not all web designers think this way and often let money get in the way of their thinking. This means that they will make cloud based judgements and not do what’s best for the users. In […]

How to Improve Your Website to Increase Traffic and Keep Visitors Around

No matter what type of website you run, the content of the page is the most essential component. There is no denying, however, that a well-designed site that is easy to navigate is more attractive to users than a site with a poor layout and a confusing interface. The most successful – and most enticing […]

Understanding Unconventional Web Design

In general web design tends to follow established traditions of form and function, from the individual attempting to format their own web page through to the professional designers working on massive corporate contracts; there are a range of accepted design formats that everybody adheres to. But in the world of unconventional web design these rules […]

Web Design Trends That Fell by the Wayside

The internet is a very fascinating reflection on many aspects of human culture. On the one hand, it’s a reflection of our technology – of course every few years sites become richer in media as connections grow faster and screens increase their resolution. At the same time it’s a reflection of what’s going on in […]

How to build a site for users

Its never a bad time to take a closer look at user interface and how to build a site for users.  Here are 10 things to look at over at web design ledger for you to review. When building a new website or re-designing an existing one, web designers are faced with all kinds of […]

7 Great Graphics To Build Visitor Loyalty

If you’re in this business for the long run then you already know the importance of building a relationship with your visitors. You know you have to “give” before you “get” and you’ve concentrated on providing great content in hopes of ranking high in the SERP. Your instincts are right, you want to have a […]

Style Guides (for websites)

Its like the never ending story – “Web development team waits for designers to finish page – project delayed”; OK, you caught me – they never delay the project!  ;) What I think every company, every brand and especially every website needs is a style guide.  I caught this great post at Smashing Magazine called […]

Sketchboards for UI

I ran across this article on boxuk.com called “Using Sketchboards to design great User Interfaces quickly” – it really gives some great examples of sketching out sites. The “different” part for me was the idea of putting all the sketches on the wall together to show the interaction of the pages.  It was a hello moment for me.

Textures are hot

Image via Wikipedia This is a great post about textures in web design.  Hey – most people’s bandwidth is up, let’s make things look nice. If you look around at well-designed websites in CSS galleries or any other source of design inspiration, you’ll see that texture is extremely common in modern Web design. One of […]

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