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The How To Guide to WordPress with WooCommerce

Well, maybe this should read…how I did it, or better yet – how I plan to. Firstly, besides by family – I love the web, shopping on the web, wordpress, motorcycles and volkswagens…not necessarily in that order.  I work at a great company called Clickstop (who is a retailer of many goods online – check […]

7 Reasons You Should Design Your Website In WordPress

WordPress has quickly become a world-renowned name for those that are looking to make an affordable and dynamic website, but many are still intimidated by creating their own site. It often seems easier to simply go with the first web designer that one finds, but WordPress offers a number of features that allow anyone to […]

4 Ways To Live Blog On WordPress

Picture this scenario: You are at the hottest conference or event of the year. While most of your readers aren’t able to attend themselves, they have all backed you as their representative of all things cool. You are there on their behalf, ready to gush over every little detail. All you want to do is […]

The 4 Best WordPress Projects To Outsource

Big thanks to WordPress for being the #1 most used and most popular content management system on the web today. Why? Because of two reasons, 1) it’s built in PHP which is by far the most extensible and customizable of all coding languages and 2) it has created a web environment that is recognized by […]

5 Factors That Can Help You Decide About Google+

While you may or may not be pulling your hair out about it right now, it’s likely that one day you actually may be a bit stressed out about Google+. Why? Because according to popular internet marketing podcast, Coffee Talk’s, James Martell, it’s quickly going from 625 active users in 2011 to over 400 million […]

Best Practices: Customizing WordPress Sites

Thanks to WordPress, you don’t have to look too far for ways to take your business to more people. A website or blog is a great way to connect to your customers and potential clients. WordPress gives you any number of options to do just this. What’s more, the site is constantly upgrading on what […]

Get the current WordPress page number

WordPress as you probably already know is a very powerful content publishing platform and is used by millions all over the world. It’s because of this that we have a dedicated WordPress tutorial area on this blog. (more…)

WordPress 404 redirect

By simply adding a file called 404.php into your WordPress theme directly you can quite easily create and customize the page shown when a visitor tries to access something which isn’t there. But what if you wanted to automatically redirect this user to your front page (or some other page on your site) instead of […]

Four Reasons Why WordPress Is the Best CMS Platform

WordPress is a free publishing platform that continues to please many web enthusiasts worldwide. Since its inception in 2003, it has grown from a blogging only platform developed using MySQL and PHP, to become the most powerful and flexible Content Management System (CMS) on the internet. Whether, you are starting a blog, a personal website, […]

5 WordPress Plugins to Secure your Blog.

WordPress being a very popular avenue for millions of sites the world over is a target for hackers, who try and with great effort too, to access it, with the ultimate intention of using these “napped” blogs or sites to carry out illegal and malicious activities. However WordPress has always had some level of security, […]

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