7 Simple Tips To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Internet is all about browsing and surfing websites and blogs. There are millions of website and blogs running over the internet but not all of them are successful. Loading speed of a website or a blogs is one of the major factors determining the success. If you have a full fledged website or blog but it takes time to load, you might not get good traffic. Viewers usually never want to wait for a blog to open thus it is very important to keep your light and easily loadable.

This post discusses some tips to be used to speed up your WordPress blog which may help things load quickly. Bloggers usually add and install many plug-in to make their blog effective but they unintentionally make their blog heavy to load.

If you are the one among many bloggers wondering about low traffic, check for the loading speed of your blog. Check if you have fortuitously made your blog heavy, if yes your blog might take long to load. Never ignore it as it may also affect your Google ranking.

Don’t worry just a few precautions and you are through this problem. Keep on reading to know more about speeding up your WordPress blog.

  1. Do not go for larger images
    Images are very important to make your blog effective but make sure that you are not using bigger images. Big images are heavy and so make your blog heavy too. Even if you compress the image in your post, the image in your blog’s gallery is big and heavy. It is always better to resize the image before uploading it to your blog.

  2. Select the plug-ins carefull
    More are plug-ins heavier is your blog. Every plug-in require certain number of files to open the page and this more plug-ins ask for more files which consequently make the page heavy. Keep is simple and plain.

  3. W3 Total Cache Plug-in helps
    Installing the W3 Total Cache Plug-in help in minifying the codes thereby making your blog lighter and easier to load. It combines the stylesheets and scripts.

  4. Say No to @Import
    Say no to @Import for using the stylesheets. It is better to go through the <link> option to add the stylesheets in your blog.

  5. Robots.txt helps
    Robots.txt is best to control the search bots coming to your blog. It is found in the top level of your file directory of your blog. Using this file you can select the pages to be sent to the search bots. You can also limit the access of spiders in your pages if you feel that they are crawling frequently.

  6. Content delivery network
    This is a paid service is actually worth it. The content delivery network delivers your site traffic to the visitors through the servers near their vicinity rather than delivering all the files linked up with a page. It costs around $40.

  7. Try CloudFlare
    CloudFare is a free option to the content delivery network. If you cannot afford the content delivery network you can go for the CloudFare. It provides the similar results without paying anything. It actually works as a proxy server to spread your data throughout the world. It lessens the page loading time in your blog.

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7 Best WordPress Productivity Plugins For Business Blogs

WordPress is a platform for creating blogs and websites. With the wide range of plugins available, you can easily create any site and customize it to make it more SEO friendly, visually attractive and provide you with whole range of productivity solutions. However choosing the right plugin as per your needs can sometimes get quite hard as there are many plugins, both FREE and Premium which provide different features.

Following are some WordPress Productivity Plugins which will increase the productivity of your business websites and make it quite easier to manage.

  1. All In One Event Calendar
    With the All in one Event calendar, you can easily list your events in your blog and share it with your visitors. It is available for FREE and has a clean design. It comes with many features with month or week view, upcoming events widgets and interested visitors can register for events. It automatically imports events from your main calendar and categorizes them in many other calendars according to your preference. Also each event is SEO optimized and links to your main calendar.
  2. Events Manager
    It allows you to easily create events and mange them. It has Google map integration and comes with whole lot of widgets. It allows members or even guests to create an event with event locations. It is also compatible with most of the SEO plugins.
  3. Newsletter Plugin
    The Newsletter plugin allows visitors to subscribe to your newsletters quite easily. You can either use the single or double opt in subscription form approval.

  4. Mailpress
    Mailpress provides you a newsletter plugin as a widget as well as an option to customize your mails to make it look more visually attractive. You can customize the mails using various mail themes, templates and fonts. Also you can subscribe to the comments, newsletters and mailing lists etc.

  5. Collabpress
    Collabpress is one of the finest collaboration or task management plugin for WordPress. You can easily create any task or project and assign members for the task. You can create unlimited tasks, make a list and add comments to the tasks. Also members will get an email notification everytime there is a new task assigned.

  6. Embed pdf
    With the Embed pdf plugin, you can easily embed a pdf file in your site which can be viewed using the Google docs viewer. All you need to do is put the pdf url or embed it using html tags. However make sure that the url ends with a pdf.

  7. Google Document Embedder
    It lets you embed doc, xls, pdf, flash and other major file types to your blog and provide inline viewing as well as a download option to your visitors. It is quite simple to use and hence there is no need for flash or pdf browser plugins for viewing these documents. The files neednít be uploaded separately and you can use any file which is already uploaded, anywhere in the internet including your own site.

Author:  Divya is a Content Writer and a blogger. She works in an SEO Company and specializes on SEO, social media optimization, keyword research, wordpress seo and more.

More information on Pharma Hack on WordPress

UPDATE:  This is an update post – the first one can be found at Pharma Hack Fix for WordPress.

Its been a fun few days as I have been “fighting” with a hacker/black hat SEO person trying to use my blog to sell viagra.  But my friend David and I were able to catch the, with their hand in my wordpress cookie jar.

How did they do a Pharma Hack on WordPress

Basically they compromised the server somehow – I have not figured out which method yet. But it appears they have/or had FTP access.  There were two files uploaded:  auto.php, keyboard.php and one item modified: wp-load.php.

Each day the hackers upload a new version of the file.

So, for the first 2 days I left the FTP the same…I just wanted to see how the hacker was gaining access.  I didn’t figure it out – but I simply changed permissions and that didn’t help.   Tonight I changed the FTP password – so we will see if that helps.

How to fix the Pharma Hack on WordPress

I’m not sure I know yet.  The first thing I have done is add a 301 redirect from auto.php and keyboard.php to my latest post regarding this issue.

RewriteRule ^auto\.php [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^keyboard\.php [R=301,L]

This will allow me to capitalize on the hack and not allow the hacker to steal all the traffic.

Stay tuned

We will see how this comes out – I need to inspect the plugins – it seems like it is the obvious solution.

Thanks for reading.

Pharma Hack Fix for WordPress

Pharma Hack Fix for WordPress

Pharma Hack Fix for WordPressI really thought I was doing a good job…starting build my traffic back up to the levels I had seen about 18 months prior, then I saw my numbers drop.  I had been hacked – someone was replacing my links/Google descriptions and sealing my search links and link juice.

My Pharma Hack Fix for WordPress

I’ll be detailing out what happned – how I found it and all the gory details soon.  The short-short answer was the hackers had added a “auto.php” and “keyboard.php” to my root – then modified the “wp-load.php” file to do all their bidding.

Hacking Backlinks

Albeit very Black Hat SEO, the hackers who hacked my WordPress server were very smart and had a very elaborate plan.  They were using many hacked servers to drive links around to high PR (Google Page Rank) sites and creating better link juice.  I’ll explain more in  an additional post.

The Hack – Phase I

It is really a brilliant plan.  If it weren’t so illegal – it would be perfect.  As far as I can tell, they employee a 3 stage process.  (Thanks for the help figuring this all out from my friend David, who is a super knowledgeable dude with this sort of stuff.)

The system has three components –  encrypted php in antu.php and keyboard.php (my guess these files could be named almost anything) and then another bit of encrypted code in wp-load.php.

Notice all the links and then the URL’s

auto.php & keyboard.php
This is used to suck current SERP traffic from google.  With this “auto.php” and “keyboard.php” they are cloaking the Google bot – so basically, when people search google for my content or search google at all and return results – it it redirects to a site selling Viagra or Cialis.

If you take a look in Google Webmaster Tools you will see how effective they have been.  There are all kinds of links for these terms.  Its crazy – very impresive really.

Not cool – but look at how effective they ahve been…check out those stats.

But they also employ a second tool – in the “wp-load.php”.  I think this is what communicates back to the mothership and allows them to manipulate SERPs and URLs the way tehy do.

See the encrypted code here: (same thing you will find in auto.php and keyboard.php)

Encoded black hat SEO code

So what the heck is a guy to do?

Well – good question.  This is where my buddy David comes to the rescue.  His SEO knowledge/instinct told us not to waste this huge spillage of Google Juice.  If they want to give us lemons – we’ll make some good old fashion SERP lemonaid.

301 Redirects & commenting out some code.
We added two lines to the .htaccess file and started to redirect all the traffic from those links to this post.  Hopefully – that is how you found it.  :)

RewriteRule ^auto\.php [R=301,L]
RewriteRule ^keyboard\.php [R=301,L]

By adding these – we have reversed the outward flow of traffic.

Then – for the wp.load.php
For this guy I simply commented out the  section circled in blue above.  It does appear that the SEO hackers do try and keep fixing this issue – I am testing a few things here.  I am trying to figure out if they have FTP access – or are simply using a vulnerability of a plugin.

Non WordPress Hacks

After looking over all the results of these files in Google – it certainly appears that this reaches much further than simply WordPress.  It appears to be links to many Apache/PHP sites.  It certainly seems the base of the hack is the same – look for auto.php, keyboard.php – then for a file modified on the same day as those two and I think you fill find the culprit.

Please let me know if you need help…I will assist if I can.



This has been a wild day, but fun all in the same.  It is very interesting how smart some people are.  This is a engineering marvel – this is not some fluke, this this is serious – don’t think so…so a search for auto.php and keyboard.php and see how widespread the carnage…very impressive.

Let me know if you have comments or have been bitten by this bug.

WordPress – remove “category” from URL for SEO

If you are sick of the extras WordPress gives you for free?  Seriously…you don’t really need the “category” in the URL, and if it is bothering you, or your SEO – then this is a great trick for modifying the .htaccess by wprecipes.