Textures are hot

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This is a great post about textures in web design.  Hey – most people’s bandwidth is up, let’s make things look nice.

If you look around at well-designed websites in CSS galleries or any other source of design inspiration, you’ll see that texture is extremely common in modern Web design. One of the reasons it’s so popular is because of its versatility. Textures can be used in countless different ways and in a wide variety of design styles. As you look around, you’ll see how textures can be used in so many different ways by Web designers.

This gives me flashbacks of 1998 when every design the “creative team” gave us had gradiants and multi-colored background.  We’d smile, tell them how cool it was and then undo-it when we got back to the bat cave.

They would question it when they’d look at the finished product – but we would just tell them it was just the crappy PC screen…it would look much cooler when they got back up stairs to thir mac!  :)

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