The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500

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Sometimes you read a post and think – dang…now that is good.  That is Gary Hamel’s post called “The Facebook Generation vs. the Fortune 500”

If your company hopes to attract the most creative and energetic members of Gen F, it will need to understand these Internet-derived expectations, and then reinvent its management practices accordingly.

Think about that for a second…”if you company hopes to attract Gen F”, here are some of the 12 points that ring true to me.  Evenese though I am a Gen X’er, I can see and practice some of the principles below.

1. All ideas compete on an equal footing.

Tom’s Comment: This true and because of the web knowledge deficit of the “older” workforce.  Attention boomers and older Gen X’ers – you have good knowledge, it just is not good web knowledge.  The mix of your experience and Gen F’s web savvy is an awesome combo!

It happened to me today at work. I felt the company was headed down the wrong path – and spoke up.  Thankfully, I have a boss who will listen.  Does that mean I always get my way – or an always right?  No.  Just usually!  :)

4. Leaders serve rather than preside.

Tom’s Comment: Amen!

5. Tasks are chosen, not assigned.

Tom’s Comment: Absolutly – and I think people are more passionate when they have choices.

6. Groups are self-defining and -organizing.

Tom’s Comment: Don’t mess up progress.  Sometimes a nudge is needed – but let it flow and see what happens.

8. Power comes from sharing information, not hoarding it.

Tom’s Comment: Yes, yes, and yes.  This goes for content too – I repeat (remember, I work in a media company) this goes for content too.

12. Hackers are heroes.

Tom’s Comment: I have been an eternal hacker.  Not always computer – but sometimes its how you get the job done.  Let us.

So go and find the Gen F’ers from your company…if you have any.  If you don’t, then lets figure out why.

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