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About a year ago I posted an article titled “Rebuild a TV station on the cheap” – as I stated in that post, the CEO of the company I work for – Chuck Peters said – do you think you really can?  I said – I have no idea.  Blew it off – but it bothered me until now.  So – now, 11 months later, I’ve put a pencil to it.

The Premise

We have a TV station (kcrg.com) which needs to take it to the next level.  I’m not sure what our budget is to rebuild the TV station, I have heard numbers from $8 to $20 million.  Either way, in my opinion…that’s WAY too much.

I really like podcasts – I listen/watch (for me is is mostly listen, but many are also a video feed) around 10-25 hours each week.  So I know a good one when I heard/see it.  One of my favorites, is twit.tv.  Leo Laporte has built a killer network on a low cost budget.  Now granted – that budget is bigger than a small podcast operator, but this is reasonable compared to the $8 million number.

The System

My inspiration, as I said before, has basically come from Leo’s system – here is a better idea from his wiki.

It starts with the audio – nothing too fancy – but a nice audio board and mics.

We need streaming stuff too – we’re going real time.

This is a hard one for me – lots of guesses and probably too low.

We’re looking at some LED lighting and various computers

[table id=1 /]

That adds up to $473,000 – which is a lot of money.  Plus, I’m sure I have forgotten a bunch – so let’s double it, just to be safe.  $1 million.

Now – some of what needs to be “fixed” is networking and construction.  Lets add $750,000 more for that – and also $250,000 for anything else I forgot.

That’s a total of $2 million.  I realize that is a lot – but this is a very nice station.  One that has been proven on a handful of podcasts and one that will work from broadcast too – we just have to let our past go and move to the new.

OK – please fill it full of holes, I appreciate the feedback.  What have I forgot that cost so much?

audio board and processing (est) $35,000
heil mics, pop filter and stand x 3 $500 $1,500
wireless mics x 3 $500 $1,500
headphones x 3 $100 $300
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