The Top Games of 2016

2016 has been a great year for gaming of all genres. From sports to shooters, survival horrors and strategy, 2016 has seen a host of great games released.

As we head into 2017 and the turkey sandwiches have all been eaten, now seems like a good idea to reflect on the great games of last year. In terms of the charts, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare finished as the Christmas chart-topper. Throughout the year we saw the likes of Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17 flying off the shelves.

Let’s take a look at some of the best games of 2016:

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

The latest in the series of the successful COD series, this shooter had the same kind of feel of its predecessors but didn’t seem to go down quite as well as some of the previous ones like Black Ops 3. If you like the Zombies in space type of game, then this one certainly does the job.


As football games go, this one is top of the league. The graphics are fantastic; the players look more realistic than ever before.

With football games, you can sometimes wonder if anything is really going to change that much from the previous year’s version but this one doesn’t disappoint the critics with Andrew Griffin of The Telegraph exclaiming: “Every part of this year’s FIFA has been improved. The game play is more realistic and far more engaging; and new modes and features actually add something to the game.” Fine feedback indeed!

Battlefield 1

The majority of critics rank this as 2016’s outright best shooter and it’s hard to disagree. The WW1 based game has sold really well, featuring some really good war stories. If you haven’t played this one yet, you need to try it out for yourself. You will also be able to get lots of advice on the game on sites like, as it is really popular in the gaming world.  

Rocket League

Combining football with fast cars, this game has been a real success for gamers wanting something a bit different to what is already out there. Not simply your basic sports game that you get with other football based games, it is unique in that you are playing football through driving a car. Definitely worth a play just to experience this unusual approach.

These are just a few favorites from the year but of course, it really does come down to the type of game you like to play. If football is your thing then FIFA or PES should be your first port of call but if you like survival and shooters then you will no doubt get a lot more pleasure giving Infinite Warfare are trial.

2017 looks like it’s going to be another cracker for game lovers with the likes of Resident Evil 7, Rocketbirds 2, COD: Infinite Warfare Sabotage, Double Dragon 4 and loads of other great games on the way.