Very cool images "stuff" in WordPress 2.9

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I was so excited to see the “new” image support in WordPress 2.9:

You may have heard a bit of news about a new thumbnail feature for themes coming to WordPress 2.9. Yes, you’ll be able to easily upload a post thumbnail. However, it’s not just thumbnails. The image will have various sizes. So, I’m going to refer to this feature as the post image feature.

We’ve been doing half of this for a while now leveraging the timthumb.php script.  But this adds SO much more.

If the template allows for it – you can simply call the “right” sized image by calling the size you want.

Or, maybe you have a section on a special template that calls for medium-sized images:

<?php the_post_image( 'medium' ); ?>

Or, a huge sliding feature area on your front page and need the full-sized image:

<?php the_post_image( 'full' ); ?>

So – we’ll have to go in an gut a bunch of timthumb code, also train the content team to standardize the images, but I think it will be worth it.  :)

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