What Does Patience and Perseverance Have To Do With Starting Your Business?

Patience and Perseverance have Everything to do with starting your business!  Patience and perseverance work hand in hand, you can’t have one without the other if you want to see any type of success in your business.  Patience is the ability to endure under difficult circumstances.  Perseverance is commitment, steady persistence in a course of action.  In plain English, when the going gets tough, can the tough keep going?

What Happens When You First Start Your Business?

When I started my beauty business, working it online, I was so confused. I’m a creative mind and the thought of having to know the environment of the Internet made me want to throw-up.  So my first encounter with having to learn patience was with myself.  I’m also a perfectionist.  Every color has to perfectly match, packaging has to be right, and labels have to be the perfect size.  When it isn’t, what does that make me?  You guessed it, a procrastinator.   When you can’t make up your mind, you do nothing.

My patience came in learning how to balance my life.  Instead of becoming frustrated with not understanding the space I was working in, if I wanted to make a living, I needed to set beauty and creativity aside, for a few minutes.

When you’re starting any business, whether it’s a beauty business or a coaching business, there are certain things you’ll need to have in place.

  • Knowledge of your chosen field-without it you encounter shiesty people that show up wanting to offer you a solution to your problem.  If you don’t know what you need, you won’t know whether or not you are actually getting the right information to help you.
  • Is your “niche” profitable?  Have you chosen to enter into a field that can actually produce an income?
  • Are you going to run your business online?  If so, what do you know about the Internet?  Are you selling information or tangible products?

Ok, I’ve presented three points.  Do you have the patience to learn what you need to know in order to work through these three points? What do you know about the business you want to start?  Have you tried to work through challenges and been knocked flat on your butt?  Has frustration and fear paralyzed you from moving forward?

If so, this is where perseverance will come to play.  How long will your patience allow you to go through the ups and downs on the learning curve and persevere through the challenges?

I’d love to hear about some of your experiences in starting your business.  Talk to me!

Author’s Bio

Juliette Samuel is a person who definitely knows beautiful when she sees it. Juliette has had a very eclectic career working in and around the beauty industry. She has worked as an instructor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. She has also been a Professional Image Consultant.

Currently Juliette works as a Skin Care Therapist, acting President and Chief Nose for NYRAJU Skin Care. As such she is in charge of product formulation and development of all scents produced for the line.

Juliette is also a member of NAHA-The National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy, The Society of Cosmetic Chemist and is the Fragrance Editor for BellaOnline.

What does that do for you?  It keeps Juliette on her toes when it comes to the type of information that she’ll be able to share with you as readers of her blog or articles that she publishes on and off the web.

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