Yammer adds groups

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I posted about a week or so ago at how I really thing a tool like Yammeris a good replacement for email.  And no Yammer has added groups.  These can be private or public groups – but allows people to further whittle down the amount of people who recieve a message.

This is really good – now people can “opt-in” to certain relms of communication.  It allows some channels to form, yet not boxing people in like email tends to do.  Yammer is reall getting some attention – I really like it.

A couple more Yammer feature request:

  1. Direct Messages – I think Yammer may be holding off here.  I think DM would be good, but only as my personal mission of replacing email.  I can see why they might not have it on their radar.
  2. Multiple Domain Aggregation – woah, I didn’t know what else to call it.  But we have 3 companies within our parent company.  Some people don’t have the same domain/email address.  I’d like to be able to combine more than one “company” or “email domain” into one account.  This way – we could all colab together.
  3. Attachments – this is a BIG request…we can still use links in the mean time – but it would be cool to allow companies to setup a file server which could be registered with Yammer to post to.  This way the Yammer doesn’t have to worry about storage and security of the files and the company feels comfortable the Yammer  doesn’t have have confidential documents on Yammer’s servers.
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