15 Best Chrome Apps for 2015

The Chrome OS and Chromebook’s light and beautiful design took the industry by storm when they were first launched. The Operating system is quite innovative, and perfect for all types of users. Its app store has gotten richer over the years, and there are now cloud-based and offline applications that are practical and very useful. Some of the applications are android apps that have been integrated into Chrome, thanks to the Runtime project. With all of these applications and extensions, it is a beautiful and interesting time to own a Chromebook or to use Chrome OS. However, it is easy for users to get lost in the app store as they try to decide which applications are the best for them.

The 15 Best Chrome Apps for 2015

1. Gmail Offline

gmail-onlineGmail is one of the most popular email applications on the planet. Gmail offline makes it possible for users to read and write their emails while they are offline. The application will create a cache of your contacts so that you can write emails. The next time you connect to the internet, the offline app will synchronize with your online account and send the emails as well as display all the unread messages.

2. Pocket

pocketThis application is perfect for users who love to scroll and read the internet. In case you have found an article that you love, but you do not have the time to read it?

Pocket will store the pages for you so that you can read them later when you are offline.

3. Lockify

lockifyThis is a handy app that keeps your confidential info encrypted on your machine. The data is handled so it never goes to the server unencrypted, and no one has the key. The key is in the form os ain the form of a Lockify Link, which you can share with whoever you like, however you like. Finally, when your Lockify Link expires after a certain number of viewings or time, we securely and completely erase your encrypted data from our server.

4. MyMusicCloud

mymusiccloudThis app allows the music enthusiasts to back up their favorite music so that they can listen to it on any mobile device, tablet or computer.

Features:  Automatically imports your music from iTunes, Windows Media Player, Google Drive or Dropbox; Plays your music on any other device; Listen offline – no internet or WiFi needed; and Awesome playlist features, lyrics, concerts.


5. Little Alchemy

little-alchemyChrome app store now hapassps a game that both kids and adults will find addictive. This game is simple and quite straightforward, but it promises hours of undiluted fun for people of all ages.

6. Pixlr photo editor

pixlr-editorThis is a free in-browser picture editor for anyone who would like to sharpen their best photos before uploading them online. It has all of the features that are commonly found in popular picture editing applications such as Photoshop and paint shop pro. It is very easy to use, and it will help you to professionally sharpen and edit your photos.


7. Evernote

evernoteThis is a great way to organize thoughts and ideas. You can now write your to-do lists, clip webpages and save research notes for future reference. This information can be accessed later from any phone or computer.

8. Duolingo

duolingoThis is a great application for anyone who is learning a second language. The application makes it easy to practice new words and phrases, and even offers badges and achievements as rewards for those who pass the language exercises.

9. WeatherBug

weatherbugWith this application, the weather no longer has to be unpredictable. WeatherBug shows up-to-date information on the current weather conditions in certain locations. WeatherBug also has weather alerts and interactive maps that help users to view the current weather conditions in a specific place.

10. Sunrise Calendar

sunrise-calendarThis beautiful and practical app is perfect for iCloud and Google calendar users. It works offline, meaning that you can now create events and save reminders on the calendar. The next time you are connected to the internet, the calendar will synchronize with your iCloud or Google calendar account. Sunrise calendar has plenty of smart icons, and it will allow you to highlight the location of your next event on a map. It can also show picture icons of the people you are going to have a meeting with.

11. WorkFlowy

workflowyThis is a powerful tool that helps the user to create handy lists. It will help you to remain organized, whether you are running simple household tasks, or organizing detailed company projects.

12. Autodesk Homestyler

autodesk-homestylerThis application takes the guesswork out of any remodeling project. It is the ideal interior design application that helps users to lay out a floor plan and remodel their home, even if they do not have any design skills or experience.

13. Kingdom Rush

kingdom-rushThis is a great application for individuals who would like to pass time and have fun. The game requires you to defend your virtual kingdom from wizards, enemies and trolls. There are a number of awards to be won at the end of the game.

14. Finance41

finance41Say goodbye to overspending and hello to financial freedom with this great application. This is one of the best chrome apps, as it will help you to manage your finances by keeping track of your income, savings and spending. You can easily add your transactions and categorize your expenses. This application will help you to analyze how much you spend so that you can control your finances.

15. TouristEye Planner

touristeye-plannerThis great tool is a must-have for travelers who want to have an easy time while they plan for their next vacation. It has a map that will help you to plan your travel itinerary. You can also get access to tours that have been planned by other users and experts. It also helps you to organize your trip so that you can have a list of what to do and places to shop or eat. It can be synchronized on your iPhone or Android phone so that you can have your entire trip offline, including the maps.

Chrome has thousands of apps which users will enjoy. But this list summarizes the best chrome apps in the app store. These applications are a useful and practical addition, as they will make the user’s life easier, more organized and more enjoyable.