3 Factors That Drive Customer Loyalty

Why should a customer remain loyal to your business?

Having made the transition from visitor to paying client or customer, you might expect them to stick around with you for the long-term. But this isn’t true. As but one business on their radar, they might also be tempted to spread their wings and take their wallets and business needs elsewhere. 

As a business owner, you need to be aware of the factors that drive customer loyalty, as you might then have the incentive to do what it takes to keep your customers on your side. 

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The Factors That Drive Customer Loyalty

#1: The personal touch

Your customers aren’t your best friends, but you still need to relate to them in a personable way. You wouldn’t invite them over for dinner, but you might send them a personal invite to a product launch. You wouldn’t hold a birthday party for them but you might still send them a card or a token of thanks from your business to celebrate their birthday with them. And you wouldn’t call them up on the phone to talk about the ‘good old days,’ but you might still call or email them if you had any product information that you considered useful to them. The personal touch goes a long way towards building loyalty as you will create a relationship that goes beyond the generic. So, think about that in your attempts to deliver personal customer service.

#2: Safety and security

When somebody uses your business, they need to feel safe. They need to know that your product information is reliable and that you won’t be misleading them. They need to know that your website is secure, without the worry that a third party will access their financial information. And they need to know that your products are safe, with no risk of physical harm to themselves or to the people they are buying for. Safety equates to trust and trust equates to loyalty, so think about what you need to do. Make sure that you are honest with your customers. Ensure your website is secure, using antivirus software and the services of IT firms akin to the Midwest Data Center. And be rigorous with your product testing, as not only will you risk losing customer loyalty if you don’t but you might also lose your reputation. We all like to feel safe, and if your customers feel safe with you, they might just stick with you in the long term.

#3: Excellent customer service

If you were slow in responding to customer complaints or queries you might put a stop to their loyalty. If you were to speak to them rudely, you would probably turn them against you forever. And if you were to behave in any other negative way that could affect how they see you, the chances of them sticking around would be very unlikely. As a business owner, you need to deliver excellent customer service, with honesty, efficiency, and overall respect for your customer, as you will do much to sway them to your side if you relate to them responsibly.