3 Key Things Your Company Website Needs

If you’re looking for business tips, then there’s one thing experts will always recommend. They’ll tell you to ensure that you have a quality company website. But, what makes a good company website? Written below are three things you need to think about regarding your site:


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Responsive Web Design

A lot of people will go on and on about web design being key for company websites. And, while this is true, there’s more to it than that. What people should be saying, is that responsive web design is needed. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make any sense to you; I’ll talk you through it. Responsive web design refers to your website’s design across multiple platforms. We’re talking desktop, mobile, and tablet websites. Your site needs to be designed to fit all three of these different formats. So, when someone views your site on a mobile device, it will fit the screen and respond perfectly to all the touch screen actions. Similarly, it should do the same on a tablet device.

This is something that many businesses forget when they’re creating a website. They make one that’s only suited to a desktop format. So, when viewed on a different device, the website looks strange and is unresponsive. If someone is on a mobile device and your site doesn’t have responsive web design, they’ll leave right away. It’s easy to get done, and most web design companies will be able to do it for you. There’s no excuse for not having responsive web design.

A Secure Host

All websites will need to find a host server somewhere. If you don’t know what a host server is, then it’s the server in which your website will be based. All websites are hosted on some type of server. Usually, the choice is between an open one of a Virtual Private Server (VPS). Now, there are some differences between these two choices, and one may suit you more than the other. With an open server, it’s usually cheaper, and you’re helped out a lot by the host provider. They can deal with getting your site up and running and making sure everything goes smoothly. However, the downside to this is that you lose a little bit of freedom. They may prevent you from doing certain things or running scripts on your website.

So, the second option of a VPS will counter this issue. A private server gives you full control of your website and lets you do things as you please. It also means you don’t have to deal with other websites being hosted on the same server. The only downside is that you have to do everything yourself, you don’t get any help if the server goes down, etc. I suggest you look at some guides to help you find the best VPS service possible. If you do this, you can host your website in a secure way without any worries. Or, if you want an open server, do your research on that front too. Either way, it’s crucial you find a reliable hosting service.

A Search Engine

Most people will think of Google or Yahoo when they hear the term ‘search engine’. It’s something that allows people to type in some words and search the web. However, with regards to your site, you won’t be conducting a web search. Instead, you want a search engine that will search your website. This is a tool that’s seen on the majority of website around the web. In my eyes, if your company website is missing this, then it will be a fail. It’s essential as it lets people look for things on your site.

Consumers like things to be made easy for them, they don’t like hard work. If they have to spend a few minutes clicking through menus to find something, they’ll be annoyed and frustrated. Especially when they could’ve found it in seconds by searching for it in a little search bar. It’s such a simple thing that every website needs, there’s no excuse! When creating your site, you should have the option to put a search engine on the page. Make sure you do this, as it makes you seem professional and not behind the times.

If you want the best company website there is, then you need all three of these things. Make sure that your site works across multiple platforms and the design is responsive. And, ensure that you have a secure server in which to host the site. Finally, regarding stuff on your website, it’s vital you have an internal search engine.