3 Social Media Metrics Your Business Should Track

The bone of contention for most marketers is knowing what to measure in the various social media platforms. This will enable the ability to get the most out of the social media. The following are social media metrics that should be tracked:

  1. Conversion RateThis is the most important social media metric that should not be ignored at any cost. This is because this metric indicates the strongholds of your business. It mainly works for businesses which utilize social media sites such as twitter in order to generate some activities which are measurable on your business website.In this case, the conversions occur in form of:
    • Product sales
    • Newsletter sign ups

    You should therefore ensure that all the action that you take on social media are bearing fruits such as referring people to your business site. Conversions are measured using Google Analytics  which has two elements.

    • Google Analytics Goals:  this feature can be customized to measure the conversion rate from the social media to your business website. Generally, Google Analytics assists you to establish when a specific action occurs in your website. Setting the goals involves the following simple steps:
      Go to your Google Analytics standard reports

      • Click on the ‘Admin’ button in the top right
      • Click on ‘Goals’
      • Click +Goal from one of the game sets to create a new goal
    • Advanced Traffic Segments will assist you to segment your traffic source into individual parts. For example, you can create a segment that only monitors the on sight activities of your twitter visitors. You will also be able to establish the social media sight with the most eventual conversions.

    If maybe you establish that twitter is the social media site with more conversions, you can choose to direct you marketing campaigns to twitter such as having more followers or buying more followers.

  2. Share of voiceThis can be made possible if you measure your share of voice. The act of tracking brand mentions on social media will give you a useful feedback about your business outreach efforts. The SOV measurement will enable your business to discover the percentage of mentions that are directed to your business brands and the percentage that goes to competitors.  There is also a tool known as Social Mention that will assist you to measure your business mentions on social media. You will therefore have to get ways of how to get more twitter followers.
  3. Referral TrafficThis metric entails enticing the members of your business social community to leave their social spaces and visit your business website. Fortunately Google Analytics has made this possible. Just take the following steps:Log into your account
    • Navigate to the Referrals section in the Traffic Sources Menu.
    • You will then be able to view the sites that sent you the most referral traffic.

    This is important because if you find out that there is more traffic from Facebook than twitter, you might decide to do more twitter campaigns so as to have more followers.

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