3 Things Your Website Needs To Increase Domain Valuation

Thanks largely to the popularity of social media websites, unfinished or parked websites are seeing sharp declines in website visitorship.  Also contributing to this cool off in website traffic is the inability to effectively leverage mobile optimization into websites development, still young to many businessmen.  To reconnect with potential investors, websites must have be engaging by delivering not only great end-user results, but containing easy to understand content that motivates and inspires.

How do I Increase Domain Valuation

The three major components of full website delivery should always have first consideration before your marketing campaigns are launched.   Following these suggestions will, inevitably, increase domain valuation to potential investors that could purchase either your domain, or the entire website.

Clear Messaging

Avoiding verbosity, or inconclusive word choices, helps the layman understand your message much easier.  Arrive at your point sooner than later, keep word counts respectable of your visitor’s time, and always consider which words you’re using throughout.  In fact, according to a National Center for Biotechnology Information readability assessment, content that exceeds the 7th grade in reading level may jeopardize consumer interaction with businesses, and may turn off potential long-term traffic.

Keep your word choices simple, make your association’s identity clearly known from the onset, and continually strive to create content that isn’t old news.  Readers are addicted to ‘new’, and ‘quirky’, types of content that tell stories yet go far enough off the beaten path to keep them on their toes.

Easy Navigation

Remember, investors visiting for the first time shouldn’t spend too much time searching for obvious links or content.  To test this theory, imagine how investors with 30 minutes of lunchtime would engage with your website; given the fact 15 minutes will be spent eating and 10 minutes could be spent in transit, this leaves 5 minutes for you to capture the visitor, secure a donation, and perhaps 1 minute to engage the new donor with congratulatory phrases or welcome messages.

Don’t bombard your landing page with popups that’ll get blocked by most browsers anyway; at the same time, make sure navigation menus clearly show what’s on your menu of services.  Any email newsletter captures should be obtrusive yet not to the point of annoying the visitor.

Great Content

Content should always tell stories, cite facts and never deviate from your niche.  If people have discovered one day how to leverage social media, why not take that one step further the next day in your content writing? If you’re short on time and have your computer camera handy, consider making video content.  According to online marketing software producer Vocus, a simple 1 minute video is worth approximately 1.8 million words on paper.

Overall, these 3 areas of website delivery will clearly assist in defining your domain valuation goals with clarity, while telling new investors about who you are and the value you provide current visitors.  Provided fully developed websites have an easily readable format with easy to locate menus and wonderful content, pulling new investors into your world shouldn’t prove as difficult as it was before.

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Roger Klawinski is a freelance writer and experienced domainer from Indiana. You can follow him on Google+.