3 tips for improving your traffic

In this time of economic uncertainty, having a good website may just be the silver lining for some businesses.

Studies show that being frequently shown on the first page in Google, Yahoo or Bing is what helps the business. Since everyone is aiming to be advertised more often, what you need is a good ranking in search engines.

But how exactly do you achieve these good search engine rankings? Here are three things to take note of which will hopefully help you to improve your search engine positions and to therefore attract more traffic to your site. After all, the more traffic coming into your site the more chances you have of making a sale or having your ads clicked.

Choice of keywords

The first thing you need to be careful of is your keyword choice. Carefully pick those which are closely related to your business.

You might notice that when you usually do a search, most of the time it is Wikipedia that appears on top. A way to bypass this is by being more specific with keywords. For example, instead of having “web development” as a keyword, I instead use “web development blog” or “web developer blog”. There has to be a unique way to describe the product after all and if you manage to get into a niche with lots of demand but little competition you’ll be on to a winner.

Page optimization

Once you are done with your keywords, you should work on your website. Double check the links from your homepage to the different content pages and vice versa. You may want to use a link checker tool to check for dead links. You should verify as well the occurrences of the keywords you went with on your website. They should appear as often as possible without interfering with your content. Readability should still be maintained.

Also take into consideration the behavior of the search spiders. There should be enough text in each page for them to operate. A minimum word count of 400 is recommended for each page.

Back links

The last and perhaps most important factor in SEO are your back links. There are many ways to do this.

One is through content marketing. There are so many content publishing sites and blogging sites all over the net. From time to time, it is helpful to create and submit an article about current events and insert a link to your site there. It can add a little traffic depending on the popularity of your article.

If you don’t want to create articles, another way is by commenting. You can participate in forums or comment on other people’s blogs. In forums, you can attach your site as your signature so it can get lots of exposure. In blogs, people are usually talkative and presto, instant publicity.

By following these steps carefully and with a little creativity, your website will crawl through the search listings in no time. Remember, the Great Wall wasn’t built in one night. Be patient and it will pay off soon.