4 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes Attorneys Make

While lawyers tend to know the importance of being in business directories, they tend to be more haphazard in their approach to social media. Here are five common social media marketing mistakes attorneys make all too often. We’ll discuss the biggest mistakes, why they hurt you, and what you should do instead.

Your Profile and Content Is Full of Errors

A profile describing yourself as a “layer” will be missed in searches for lawyers. Someone who incorrectly spells worker’s compensation or medical malpractice will be skipped by someone looking for a legal expert. After all, if you misspell the word for your specialty, how do they know you will fill out legal forms correctly? Spell check and grammar check every part of your profile.

You Don’t Use Visually Rich Content

Humans are a visual species. You should use images and videos as part of your online marketing. A high resolution, professional picture of yourself on your social media profile is the beginning of this process. Similar photos of yourself, your office, and your team on your website and periodically posted on social media is useful in promoting your image with your employees.

Remember that you can share value added content created by others on social media, such as sharing someone else’s presentation through your profile. Avoid repeating the same content repeatedly since it starts to look like spam to both search engines and your audience. If you don’t know what to do, contact firms that specialize in marketing for attorneys, like Berbay for instance.

You Don’t Respond to Your Audience

Failing to respond to your social media audience is a mistake on several fronts. First, the person asking a question of you on social media is far more likely to become a paying client after you answer at least part of the question before recommending an in-person consultation. Second, ignoring social media posts and questions causes those following you to stop since they see that it doesn’t matter.

Conversely, if you respond promptly with appropriate and personalized responses, you’ll gain further credibility with your followers and probably capture more conversational query searches, too. You don’t have to write a long dissertation in response to each question. In fact, by saying you’re not legally allowed to give a long specific answer due to the particulars of that person’s situation, you can give a general high-level answer and reasonably direct the questioner and anyone else to contact you directly.

Not Having a Social Media Policy

A mistake lawyers make is failing to have a social media policy for themselves and their employees. The case of the teenager bragging about her parents’ settlement with an employer, which cost them the settlement, made news, but such events happen with depressing regularity without making the news. Have a formal policy that employees cannot discuss ongoing cases, share personal information about clients, or breach confidentiality agreements.

These are just some of the mistakes attorneys face when using social media for marketing. When used right, social media can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods to reach new clients, so make sure you use it wisely.