4 Factors That Can Kill Your Website

Many web designers regard web design as simple practice and what works best for the users will work for them. However, not all web designers think this way and often let money get in the way of their thinking. This means that they will make cloud based judgements and not do what’s best for the users. In the end all that remains is a sloppy website that makes a few bucks if any at all.

If you really want to know what kills a website fast then read on below.

Excessive Advertising

When you’ve just come onto the website to check out some of the products or content, the last thing you want is a pop up advert. Excessive advertising is the cause for very high bounce rates and you can be sure a few annoyances as well. When adverts are too intrusive they offer no value to the user and they won’t be interested at all in what you have to offer.

If you’re going to advertise with good web design practice in mind then always be sure it fits in with your design and doesn’t intrude.

Poor Navigation

Navigation helps the users find their way around the website. If you allow them to do this easily then they will reward you for it. However if it’s hard then you’re likely to lose a visitor and have an exceptionally high bounce rate. Ensure that all of your navigation helps the users find exactly what they’re after. Whether this means breaking down all of the content into categories for the header or even using breadcrumbs. Think what is best for the users and you will be able to tell its effect by the added sales in your shopping cart.

Unnecessary Sound

This practice used to be extremely common until it was cut down. Unnecessary sound is unfortunately found on some websites and it can drive people away faster than the snap of a finger. This is often found in pop up adverts but is also found on some websites trying to be too wizzy by adding sounds when you click a button.

Text Is Hard To Read

Even though there is still a lot of rich media out there text is still the most important aspect of most websites. This means content is king and it should be easy to read. If you use a font that is hard to read or the way the page is positioned, visitors won’t stick around to see uf they can figure it out.

To ensure good web design practice you should ensure that a common font such as Times new roman or Arial is used for the best effect. As well as this it just means making sure the text is large enough to read. If you follow most of these tips then you should be fine … and so should your users. A good user experience now will pay you back handsomely in the long run.

By Kev Massey. Kev is the director at the UK SEO Company seo3D. Kev and his team provide useful search engine optimization video guides to help your website perform on the search engines.

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