4 Reasons To Convert Your Facebook Small Business Profile Into A Page

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Facebook is the new global platform where people from different backgrounds, walks of life and careers come together to express their opinion and connect with friends. It is quickly becoming a popular arena for businesses to showcase their product in order to generate a fan base while targeting a specific clientele.

  1. On the Facebook help page it is clearly stated that individuals cannot have a personal page for anything other than their own individual person, is a violation of Facebook’s core rules and regulations. This means that if you are using your Facebook individual page to conduct business you risk losing all your information, postings and contacts. All of this may permanently be removed making you lose access to the account and its content.
  2. Facebook business pages are connected to profiles of different individuals and it would be much better to have a page for your business rather than an individual profile.
  3. There are a few easy steps one can take in order to make the transition:The process of converting personal page to company page is simple

    (1) Download all your information including photos manually or use Facebook’s Personal Data Downloader to do this. Even though this might take a few hours it is highly recommended.

    (2) It is better that the page you administer with the profile before converting, has an alternate administrator.

    When the transition from profile to page is complete, one might lose access to the pages that were administered with the profile prior to the change. It is therefore advantageous in the long run to have a personal profile that can administer all the pages you might need to access in the future.

    (3) Once that is complete, visit the Migration Tool page on Facebook and choose the appropriate category for the business. This is profitable in the long run since it will be directed to the target audience when it comes up on the search tool on Facebook. It is also important to assign administrators, including your own personal profile and let the fans know that the page is now official and functional.

  4. Over the last few years Facebook has gained tremendous popularity as an effective online tool that helps market business and ultimately generates revenue. Since it is easily accessible, via the web, smart cell phones and more, sharing ideas, opinions and product description has never been simpler. It connects people all over the world thus broadening the market. Therefore having a personal Facebook profile would not be fruitful since it would defeat the purpose of the organization since only business information should be given.

If the correct amount of time and effort is put into the Facebook business page it could turn out to be quite fruitful for the organization considering the amount of people it can reach out to. This is a good opportunity to network and generate a loyal fan base that could turn out to be potential customers that help in the generation of revenue and the achievement of core goals set by the business organization.

Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Zinzz or Pinterest are a powerful tools that business today use to become relevant and a serious competitor among other similar relevant companies. Here are a few points to remember while using a Facebook page instead of an individual profile that will benefit the business in the long run.

  1. be friendly
  2. be helpful
  3. be informative
  4. Build a positive reputation
  5. Generate trust in current as well as potential customers.

In short, your Facebook page could turn out to be the key ingredient in the success of the company.

Safran is Director of Research for ConSeo Inc, natural search industry. Safran has published articles in sites such as Mashable, VentureBeat and ReadWriteWeb. Follow him on @Safran.