4 Ways To Live Blog On WordPress

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Picture this scenario: You are at the hottest conference or event of the year. While most of your readers aren’t able to attend themselves, they have all backed you as their representative of all things cool. You are there on their behalf, ready to gush over every little detail. All you want to do is blog as much about this event as you possibly can, but you aren’t looking forward to hauling your little notebook everywhere you go to transcribe notes.

Luckily, there is a much more effective and techno-friendly version of this process. It is called live blogging, and it is a must for any blogger who is attending a conference, meeting, lecture or other event. Just to keep those reading up to date on what is going on right now.

Live blogging is by far the best-working technique to get known in your niche and build better relationships with industry leaders!

Make it easier to keep up with these four tools for live blogging on WordPress.

1. Live Blogging

This plugin creates a stripped-down, simpler version of the usual WP post screen. From there you can create micro-blogs that let you update quickly and continuously throughout the event. It also auto-updates all reader’s screens so they get up to date information at all times. This all integrates flawlessly into your blog for later viewing.

2. Liveblog

Here, we have an even more basic plugin. It works by creating a single dialogue box where you update. You type in your micro-post, publish and that’s it. It will keep the updates rolling as they auto-refresh. It is very easy to use and install, and just gives you the most basic features.

3. Twitter LiveBlog

Sync your WordPress and Twitter for micro-blogging on both sites. This is a very good plugin, as it allows you to have social media integration along with your published content. Each post appears as its own line with a time stamp, for easier following by readers.

4. WP Live Stream

This widget follows the same format as Twitter to make it look like the social media site. But everything is central to your blog, so all content remains there and only there. It provides URL shortening, archive and clear features, live updates, email streaming and more.

Do you know of any good tools for live blogging on WordPress? Let us know in the comments.

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