5 Factors That Can Help You Decide About Google+

While you may or may not be pulling your hair out about it right now, it’s likely that one day you actually may be a bit stressed out about Google+. Why? Because according to popular internet marketing podcast, Coffee Talk’s, James Martell, it’s quickly going from 625 active users in 2011 to over 400 million users by the end of 2012. That’s no light venture.

During a discussion on Coffee Talk, James Martell decided to interview Don Campbell. Campbell is a social media expert, instructor at The School of Internet Marketing and president of Expand2web, which is a leading organization providing free tools and training for business owners. The discussion on Coffee Talk was about Google+, which is one of the newest social media sites out, however also one of the more complicated ones to date. While that may be the case, people are starting to adapt well to social media, and Google+ is turning out to be no different.

Campbell gave some great insight that can help business owners and entrepreneurs figure out the answers to some basic questions that they’re asking, primarily to help them decide whether Google+ is right for them and their business.

1. Google+ is a Social Networking Site. A lot of people don’t know this about Google+, thinking that it’s a new search engine, or browser comparable to Chrome. Actually, Google+ has a lot of cool features that help you group and deal with the people in your professional and personal life.

2. Google+ Is Necessary. And that’s the word. According to the show, 625k users is quickly turning into 400 million by the end of 2012. Those statistics alone let a potential user know what type of opportunities lie ahead of them when they decide to go with Google+.

3. Google+ Stands Out. Which is awesome considering that, according to Campbell, Google has been trying to develop a successful social media or social networking site for some years. Now that Google+ is on its way to rest with the big leagues, it’s only fair to say that it absolutely stands out from its predecessors. Campbell also says that Google gives people new ways to search for things, adding to its identity.

4. Google+ Adds to the Marketing Mindset, according to Campbell. James Martell describes the new age technology era, during which a lot of business owners are moving over to technology with the rest of society, and he almost feels a pang of pity for those who decide not to do so. Google+ is completely new age technology oriented, and therefore a perfect fit for the new marketing mindset, which allows business owners to create and hold onto healthier relationships with customers and clients.

5. With Google+, You Can Measure Your Marketing And Advertising Campaigns. This is one of the better advantages described by Campbell and Martel, because it shows that with Google+ you can do more than you can with a newspaper. That is, you can measure and monitor what people are thinking and saying about your business, much like with Twitter and Facebook.

6. Google+ Stays Around. One of the best benefits pointed out by Martell himself was that of the newspaper versus Internet lifespan. If you post an ad for your business in the newspaper, you’re likely to not see it the next week at all. However, if you were to post something on Google+, that information gains the lifespan of the Internet, which as of right now is looking pretty eternal. While it may grow old and end up on the backburner, the information will never die.

Another way you can preserve the information is through WordPress integration. If you’ve only heard of WordPress as a blogging site, think again. Because of Genesis WordPress Themes, business owners are now able to create professional looking business websites via WordPress, and use the plug-ins it offers for platforms like Google+, Twitter and Facebook. If you haven’t checked into it, it could easily be the most beneficial decision you’ve made for your social media marketing campaign for your business.

Mike Kelley is an ex marine that’s been working at sea since the early 1970s. He is literally the captain of a ship, and still works at sea. During his free time, he is a WordPress fanatic that runs www.shopwpthemes.com.  If you’d like more information on him, all you have to do is check out his blog, or go searching in the water.

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