5 Mobile Optimisation Tips

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Mobile is an area of SEO that not many webmasters know about. There is still an air of confusion over what works and what you should be doing to improve your mobile campaigns. Besides mobile, you should also consider marketing on Tablets.

Below are five tips that will get you started right away and get you on the right track.

Get The Details Down To A Tee

In marketing you always need to know what the specific details of your target audience is. This all comes down to segmentation and knowing how you’re going to get to them. One of the first things you need to know is how many people are coming to your website through mobile devices. This is so you know exactly how much vigour you should put towards this part of your marketing campaign.

As well as this you should also consider the types of keywords that are coming to your website. When people search for specific phrases on mobiles they often want the answer quickly. Since it’s also a bit harder to type in these devices they will often use shorter key phrases. This will be different with each niche but it’s definitely a metric that you should track.

Make It Social

Social media should be your first route to mobile optimisation. You should always ensure that the links on your website are easy to follow or share. Many users of mobile devices will actually use their mobile tablets for entertainment and to pass time. So if you give them an option to follow you on social media such as Facebook and Twitter you can get them more engaged.

Get The Screen Resolution Right

One of the first items you should look to optimise is the screen resolution size. The screen resolution size should be able to fit most mobile devices easily. This is so the users can take the most important action and be directed to the most vital aspects of the website.

Since most tablets or mobiles are touch screen or based off a small keypad. The best route to go down is through a drop down navigational menu of your most popular categories. To do this you should first consult your analytics to ensure these are your top performing pages.

Mobile Specific Site

Besides just getting the resolution right there is another option to actually just create a mobile optimised website. This means you’ll have a separate domain to market and can start from scratch.

The main things you will want from a mobile website are a dynamic design, responsive and simple to use. If you do choose this route then always give your users to view your main domain.

Reduce Heavy Content

One thing that users of mobile websites don’t appreciate is trawling through plenty of content. You should always consider moderating the use of content and ensuring that it’s not too much strain on your users’ eyes. Many mobile users tend to lose patience quickly and it will be no different for your mobile site.

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