5 Reasons Businesses and Their Employees Love Remote Working

Technology has helped us all in our lives in ways that we can easily take for granted. Digital technologies in particular have made each and every one of us walking encyclopedias with instant access to any information they could possibly need. It has enabled them to watch any movie, read any book or listen to any song in seconds. It allows them to get restaurant quality food direct to their door. But all these personal benefits pale in comparison to the benefits that digital technologies offer businesses.

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For decades now, businesses of all shapes and sizes have found innovative ways of improving their processes and operations through the use of digital solutions. Virtually every business is now a tech business. Yet, while many entrepreneurs and small business owners embrace change wholeheartedly, there are some who may be resistant to it, especially when it flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

Take remote working for instance…

What is remote working?

Remote working uses digital, cloud based technologies to allow employees to carry out part or all of their work duties outside of the office environment; at home or on the road. With a growing wealth of Cloud Services and Solutions, businesses and employees alike can reap a host of benefits. Yet there are some business owners who may approach the prospect with trepidation. They want their employees where they can keep an eye on them. yet , while this is understandable, there are many reasons why businesses and their employees alike love remote working…

It drives down tardiness and absenteeism and makes employees more productive

Employees who tend to be absent often or late to work may find that the office environment or simple logistics impinge on their productivity. When they work from home they are less likely to start work late or to call in sick.

Moreover, experience shows us that despite the distractions of the home, remote working employees are 20-43% more productive than they would be in the office.

It makes operational costs more manageable

When your office has fewer employees under its roof it uses less energy, less water and less paper and other office supplies. By driving down consumption and waste alike, businesses can reduce their overheads and operate more sustainably, which brings us to…

It helps businesses boost their green credentials

When employees work from home, your business reduces its carbon footprint by proxy. Not only are you using less energy, water paper and power, because your employees no longer commute to work, fewer emissions are created by employees driving to your place of business.

It helps employees achieve work / life balance

Work / life balance is extremely important both for morale and productivity. Not only do remote workers work more efficiently, they’re also spared the time spent commuting to and from work, meaning that they have more time on their hands.

It helps sales professionals do more selling

How often have your sales team missed a sales call from an enthusiastic lead because the were buried in paperwork? Remote working allows sales professionals to carry out administrative duties on the road through their mobile devices, meaning that when they do come into the office they can concentrate more on selling and less on paperwork.

As you can see, businesses can reap a whole lot of benefits when they’re willing to step out of their comfort zones!