5 Reasons No One is Visiting Your Website

The excitement of creating a website is very often undone by a quick look at a ‘view count’ page that shows…that there have only been a handful of visitors. And now, we’re sure you didn’t just create your website for your own benefit: you did it to share with others, perhaps to sell products or services, and now there’s no one interested! The good news is that it’s probably not about you or your company: it’s your website. Take a look at the five errors we’ve listed below and see if you’re guilty of any of them.

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Your Website Design is Terrible

Website design has exploded in the past few years, and it’s never been easier to have a top-quality website that looks slick, modern, and professionally designed. This also means that you have no excuse to have a sub-par design! Website design is the first thing that a visitor will see to your site. You don’t want to give them an excuse to leave before they’ve even taken a look at what you’re providing at your website. Ask for honest opinions from your friends and family. If the design is unattractive and the interface clunky, make a change.

They Can’t Find You

You could have the greatest website on earth, but it’ll count for nothing if people are not able to find you. Your website needs to be set up so that Google and the other search engines can find it; if they can find it, then internet users will find it. That’s how it works. Put your SEO success in the hands of experts like Two Digital marketing services and get back to working on the content of your site. If people can find you and your site offers them something worthwhile, then you’ll have success.

Lack of Updates

Having a website is an ongoing project. It never stops. You can’t just create a bunch of content, put it online, and then sit back. You have to feed in new content all the time. If you don’t, then why would anyone come back to your site? As well as new material, it’s important that you’re refreshing the design of your site every now and again. What looks fantastic today might look dated in six months!

Disregarding Trends

Your website is a little bit about what you want; it’s mostly about what internet users want, and the only way you’ll know that is if you’re staying on top of the internet trends and incorporating them into your site. For example, did you know that within a couple of years the vast majority of internet traffic will be videos? If you know that, you can start hosting videos on your site and give the people what they want.

Too Slow, Goodbye

Some things are just fundamental errors that’ll make people leave your website without a second thought. For instance, if you’re website is slow then they’ll leave. People are impatient: no time to sit around and wait! Also, too many annoying pop-ups and auto-play videos? They’ll be gone in a flash!