5 Reasons Why All Small Business Should Use VoIP Service Providers

The use of traditional landlines is slowly declining in use. It’s only a matter of time before they become completely phased out. Just like the Sony Walkman that became displaced by the Apple iPod, advancements in technology are quickly changing how we work and connect with others.

A perfect example of this is the rising use of smartphones. While many were initially reluctant to embrace this innovative piece of technology, today it’s almost impossible to find someone without one. In fact, a recent study by Nielson found that approximately 44% of Americans own a smartphone.

As we become more connected, many are opting to take advantage of technology and other services to make their workflow easier. One particular service that does exactly this is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) which relies completely on the Internet to make calls.

If you’re not yet convinced of how powerful VoIP can be, here are five reasons why all businesses should use VoIP service providers.

1. Cost effective

Traditional landlines are costly. Installing the system requires more equipment and separate wiring. The price of the service itself can easily cost several hundred dollars per month. In comparison, setting up VoIP services don’t require as many resources and costs are kept to a minimum.

2. Customized services

Not all businesses are created equal. VoIP service providers understand that companies require customized solutions to better suit their business needs. Such solutions help to save even more money when compared to traditional phone line services, which tend to be much less flexible.

3. Mobility

VoIP services can now be integrated seamlessly with smartphones. Other features also include automatic forwarding and virtual extensions, which are particularly beneficial for those companies with traveling staff or remote employees.

4. Increased flexibility

In this digital world, it’s not uncommon for businesses to have clients all over the world. Many business VoIP service providers offer unlimited nationwide calling and discounted rates for international calls. These features mean that businesses have more inexpensive resources at their disposal to increase their reach.

5. Free faxing

Another reason for businesses to use VoIP is that many providers allow customers to send their faxes online, completely eliminating the need for a physical fax machine. This has the added benefit of saving on extra costs such as ink and paper.

With more businesses connecting online to reach a more global audience, it has never been more important to stay in touch with employees and clients. VoIP is particularly beneficial for businesses as it offers cost saving features and other excellent extras that traditional phone services simply can’t compete with.

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