5 Steps To Jump Start Your Link Building

In order to get your sight found and raised up in the search rankings you need to have quality inbound links pointing to your pages (Google ranks pages, not websites).  You want to get inbound links from quality sites and not just any site. You don’t want to have inbound links coming from a spam site with poor content and dozens of links on one page.  You want to look for sites that have a PR (page rank) of 3 and above and you should go through the site carefully and make sure they have quality content that’s targeted to their readers and would be relevant to your website.

Quality inbound links using the right anchor text, with the right keyword phrase in that link and pointing to your pages, will build the page rank and reputation for your site.  An important thing you’ll want to do is to diversify your inbound link program. You don’t want to have all of your links coming from one source. The search engines can detect when you have one source of links and it can be interpreted that you’re trying to trick them. Make sure you diversify your link building across different platforms.

So here are 5 Different Steps to Build Your Inbound Links.

Register for forums

You can do a search using a keyword phrase in Google plus the word Forum and it will show search results for forums that are related to your site or niche.  When you find the forums, sign up, join the community and conversations and leave comments.  When you do this you want to have a link in your signature file which includes your website, name and other important information about you.

Please note that some forums can be a little touchy with this because they want sincerity in their users.  Some forums will not allow you to have a link back to your website until you’ve been a member and participated in the interaction of the forum.  So make sure you read the TOS (terms of service) carefully.


Blogs are another way of getting inbound links. If you do a search with a keyword phrase related to your site concept plus the word Blog, you’ll find blogs that are relevant to your niche.  Just like forums, you go into the blogs, read the post and leave a valuable comment. Again, this is another opportunity to leave your name, email and website address.

Social Media

Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are another great way to get inbound links.  With Facebook, you can create a “Fan Page” and post links back to your website. This is not something that search engines give a lot of credit to but they do see those links and you can get other people talking about you in the social media sites and that creates a buzz.  Other people will start posting links to your website from their page or website.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a great way to get inbound links back to your site. Some of the Yahoo Answers pages are actually ranked in the search engines if they’re relevant to the search query.  So go into the Yahoo Answers and do a search with your keyword phrase and see if questions are being asked that you can give a valuable answer to.  Answer the question and leave your website or URL.

Guest Blogging.

You have a lot of website publishers out there who are looking for great quality content that would be of value to their readers.  You can do a search with your keyword plus Guest Blogger and find some great blogs that are related to your site. Then you would send an email inquiring if they are looking for writers.

Most of the time you will see on their site “Write For Us”, “Wanna Guest Blog?” or “Submit Your Article” and that makes the approach a little easier because you know they’re welcoming content.  Once you’ve found a taker, make sure you include 2-3 links in your article linking back to your site (homepage, category or product page…etc.).

Remember to make sure the websites you approach are of quality. Google gives credence to quality blogs.


Doing these 5 simple strategies will help you jump-start your link building and you’ll easily see the results within a few months.

It depends on how aggressive you choose to be. Remember, good things take time and it doesn’t sit well with the search engines to start something with intensity and then let up.

I would suggest a steady consistent schedule of doing these 5 strategies for the best results.

About the Authors

Juliette, along with her husband Robert Samuel are successful Internet marketers and students of the industry. Their business is based on the fundamentals of Selling Online where they specialize in Marketing Strategies for Businesses in the Beauty Industry.