5 Ways To Encourage Better Teamwork

With a strong and capable team, your business can achieve anything. But there’s more to building a good team than simply hiring the right expertise. If your team doesn’t gel well, you’ll soon find problems with delivery, quality, and motivation, which will have a serious impact on your business.

The good news is that it’s not too late to develop an effective team. Take a look at these five ways to encourage better teamwork to help transform your business and put it on the path to success.

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Consider the group dynamics

More and more businesses are hiring through group interviews to help establish a better team from the start. However, most established businesses don’t have that luxury.

When you bring in several individuals to a room, not everyone is going to gel well. There are different personalities and character traits that might not work well with others. But looking at the group dynamics of teams can help you to ensure that people are in the right roles and have the right responsibilities to form the basis of good work. There are different exercises to boost group dynamics for teams that will help deliver these improvements. Getting to know your team is important and can help you to provide direction going forward.

Set clear aims and objectives

Without objectives, your team can lack the focus they need to do their best work. Setting goals for your team will help give them a common goal to work towards, providing motivation and engagement that will help them stay on task. By setting out everyone’s roles in achieving these goals, you can provide greater clarity on individuals’ responsibilities and help everyone contribute to your company’s wider goals. Objectives can be quarterly, bi-annually, annually – whatever is the right fit for your business.

Make sure you also focus on personal goals and objectives to help individuals retain motivation and take ownership of their professional development.

Get them out of the office

Sometimes the best way to develop a great team is to take them out of the office. When people are outside of work, they tend to relax and get to know each other on a more personal level, which can help to build some strong working relationships. Not everyone has to be each other’s best friend, but feeling comfortable and happy around your work colleagues makes a big difference to your confidence at work.

Your team spends a lot of time together, so forging a social team culture could help them work better together. Start organizing social events, lunches, away days and other activities outside of the office that can help break down some of the formality and develop a strong team bond.


Rewarding your employees is more than just giving them incentives for doing good work. Teams like to feel valued and when their hard work is recognized, they’re motivated to continue to do great work. There are different ways to reward employees, but recognizing their contribution is one of the most important elements.

It’s easy for a business to focus on and react to what’s gone wrong, but by working out what’s gone right and acknowledging that, you’ll help create a more positive working culture that cares about achieving the company’s goals.

Communicate effectively

Communication is at the heart of developing an effective team. Making sure that knowledge is shared with everyone is important, and stops resentment from developing. It also helps teams to trust each other.

Regular meetings are important to help your team to share ideas, best practice as well as identify areas where help and support are needed. Many businesses are also focusing on developing open-plan working areas that help build collaborative and creative work environments.

You can also make the most of modern tools to help you improve your teamwork. Collaborative online tools can help teams update their progress easily, while also making it easier for employees across different locations to keep in touch. Many of these tools are free and can make a great fit for your business.

While having strong individuals will help your business to succeed, it’s not enough to have everyone work independently. Ensuring that your team works well together will make your employees more productive, as well as help foster a more creative and cohesive work culture. From team building to making your work-space more collaborative, focus on bringing your team together and start achieving your business’ goals.